• Dual band: works on two frequencys. Triband: works on three frequencys. There is also a Quad band that works on all 4 frequencies in North America so essential having a quad band you'll have more service in more places. Just because you have dual tri or quad band phone, it necessarily does not mean that's its Sim is unlocked, all USA carriers lock their phone to their band (service) so you can't use another carrier's Sim card in it. It is possible to have them unlocked by you making a request to them, or pay to have it unlocked.
  • America actually only runs off of two frequencies, so you only need a dual band phone for here and europe. However, if you plan on traveling out of the country, it is advised to get a tri or quad band phone in order to pick up the frequencies used in that country. Dual band works off of the 1900 850 I believe and Tri band picks up 1800 as well.

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