• that really sucks..i can't stand ignorant disgusting people..ugh..i'll give you some points..hold on its not letting me press it..=/
  • No idea, but I wouldn't let it bother you in the least. Points have no meaning to them at all. Why not switch off the ratings so that you don't seem them in your feedback page. I never look at any of mine.
  • Read my answer at It appears to be at least two people (or one with a high-level sock-puppet), since that question was DRed -5 twice. PEOPLE... You don't DR someone because of their name or avatar... The QUESTION AND ANSWER is the thing you are supposed to be paying attention to. BUT, if you don't know, DRs do nothing to your level points. Only to the ranking of the question or answer, and to your question and answer percentage. They DO hit the DRer's "+Ratings Given". I repeat... Get screenshots of the downrates and send them to If only one or two are doing it, they will probably at least be warned.
  • Not me, but I suppose that could be someone who has enough of the US presidential election, or who does not like McCain or Palin. This kind of avatar could be considered as spamming. But there are some other avatars in this case. Personally, it doesn't bother me too much, I rather concentrate on the questions asked and on the answers given. But probably it makes some particular impression on me, and I use it to make me an idea about you. If someone does not like your avatar image, this could be bad for you generally. But if they really find your image spam / offensive, it would be better to make a feedback to the staff about it than down rate you. Here some thoughts about down rating:
  • It's not me! I give you pts all the time, and you are on my friends list. :)
  • Looking at your name and avatar I think I could have a wild guess at the politics of whoever it is. Unfortunately the overall standard of political debate here is pretty juvenile, not really amounting to much more than name-calling, so it isn't surprising you have suffered as you have.
  • There's 3 points...

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