• Maybe once they were adults yo...
  • maybe when they got older like 12 or up,depends on the intesity of the molestation.
  • I think that never might not be a completely wise idea, because if something comes up when the daughter is older that could have an effect on the trust value of the relationship. For instance if a situation comes up in which the girl is asking questions and a similar subject arises about how to prevent or why mom feels a certain way about something, that could be a teachable moment when the daughter is in her teens. But if the daughter isn't told by mom, but later finds out, she may be angry with mom for not having said anything, and may accuse her of lying, even though it was just that she chose not to tell her. That is a very difficult position to be in for sure.
  • I WAS molested and I prolly might. I try to do the opposite if what Dr. Laura/ Dr. Phil say.
  • Probaly not. I don't think my kids need to know that. I would maybe tell them I was abused but I wouldnt say I was moslested. I think it would hurt to hear it.
  • I would avoid sharing it with my children but if I felt that it would help them to know what happened to me, I would then share it - but probably not in details.
  • I wouldn't burden my children with that unless I suspected they had a secret they were hiding. I'd open up in order to allow them to be open as well. Short of that, I would never tell.
  • Maybe when they adult enough to understand it. But, honestly, I don't know if I would or not. It would depend on the personalities of the kids as adults and how close we were.
  • No. Never. I have never shared it with anyone outside of this forum.
  • hi, sara, babieeeeeeeee ... that would stymie their emotional development ... not a good idea ... ^_^
  • Dr Laura is usually on target i agree with the rude DR
  • Children are not emotionally equipped to deal with someone elses pain, and no matter how old your children are, they will never be equipped to deal with that kind of information coming from a parent. They look to their parents for strength, and how strong do you look if they know you went through that? If you are concerned about your child being molested, take them to a professional therapist. Telling them about your experience will only hurt them and make them feel guilty for making you talk about your pain. No child should bear that burden.
  • There's no reason to keep it a secret, but I guess I don't know when it might be of value for the child to know. When the child has kids of her own, the mom might share the experience as part of a "please be aware that this might happen and here are some warning signs" talk...?
  • No i would never share such grim details with my children. Things like that shouldnt be shared with them, especially as they are growing up. I would probably be more cautious with things that are going on with my children when around like the crazy uncles and stuff, and probably over-emphasize like "dont talk to strangers" and crap like that, but I dont think I would personally tell them I was a victim.
  • my mum shared it with me when it happened to me. its a bond we knowingly share and pain we can understand.
  • Eh. I wouldn't unless it would help my children in some way I guess. Otherwise, what's the point?
  • Not unless I had a specific reason to do so. Why burden your kids with that unnecessarily? They have enough of their own troubles to deal with.
  • I don't really see the point in telling your child that. I think it would just be awkward for all parties involved. The only time I would tell my child that would be if she suffered something similar and needed support.
  • No. I would not tell my children something like that. There are other ways to educate them about the dangers they face.
  • It would be good for the child to know. I don't believe in secrets among a family.

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