• Keloids are serious business, and I wouldn't recommend piercings for a person that knows that are prone to them. But so many people call any bump a keloid, when in many cases they are something else. Boils and bumps of pus aren't keloids, and neither are round scars that surround a piercing but never get larger. Neither one is, in my opinion, as serious as keloid scarring. Keloids will sometimes continue to get bigger, and removing them is tricky, since that wound may just cause another keloid. You definately can get keloids on your face or head, the BME wiki has a picture of a keloid on a tongue piercing and another on a lobe. Talk to a dermatologist about how you scar to know whether you're at risk.
  • I had a keloid behind my pierced ear. As you know, it's basically scar tissue but can be an unwanted in it's appearance. For me, I keloid very easily but not all the time. Note that my brother also keloids as well.

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