• I got a copy of my uncles Green-bean casserole and I altered it to make it my own. It is the only dish on the holidays I have to make three times as much and always runs out before any other.
  • My MOM's Southern Freid Chicken recipe;) I hpe to inherit are she pass's to Me;)!!
  • Yeah, I once got the recipe to turn lead into gold passed on to be by an authentic alchemist. Only I couldn't remember the details so the lead turned into sand when I tried it out. I must insist on practicals next time any one tries to pass on recipes I suppose. If only I hoped to inherit the recipe why should I have gone to the alchemist in the first place?
  • Yes ... a very vast many recipes ... The entire concept of Taoist Five Element Nutrition and seasoning meals based on the weather of the day ... in particular, which herbs and spices cause slight physiological changes that assist the body in adapting to various extreme weather conditions, such as ... hot & humid, hot & dry, cold & humid, and cold & dry ... ... seasoning is not the same as flavouring ...
  • Well yes i suppose i could use it to light the next bonfire with. I sure as hell wouldn't have any other use for it :)
  • Hi Babycakes, no all my near relatives have passed away and I don't think moms Sunday pot roast was a "secret recipe" but she did make great mashed potatoes using both yams and regular potatoes in the mix!
  • Yes! Pickled cucumbers & Onions Red Velvet Cake Chocolate Chip Cookies
  • my mother's roasted pears with chocolate sauce - OMG
  • I have to show my grown children how to make bohemian potato dumplings, sour kraut and pork roast. A neighbor many years ago in Chicago taught my mother how to make this. They all love it when I make this meal but they don't know how.
  • Naw. In my family and among my friends we have no "secret" recipes. We gladly share things (without throwing in a monkey wrench). I don't understand this "secret recipe" stuff. Being asked for a recipe is a compliment. Why hold back anything? I don't get it. :)
  • Not secret recipes but my mom taught me a few when she cooked and no i dont think there is one i'm hoping to inherit.
  • How do you make that Tea?
  • add a little of me to spice up any recipe lol
  • I have one for buttermilk fudge that means the world to me. I got it from my great grandmother when I was a new bride. I'm lucky she lived long enough to share it with me because everybody else she told didn't write it down.
  • I was fortunate enough to inherit (forced her to tell me!) my husband's grandmother's apple cake recipe. It is very short on liquid ingredients and would seem to be dry as bone, but the chunks of apples provides plenty of liquid and it is a very moist cake. I also was able to talk my father-in-law out of the secret ingredients in his barbeque sauce. I was shocked to learn what was in it and have only used it twice in the last 20 or so years.
  • one i wished i had was my dad's recipe for tortilla's and my mom's for fudge
  • One time a "friend" gave my boyfriend a recipe for a lemon pie. It did not turn out; was kind of watery. Then he went to make it again and realized he didn't have any sugar. He did have some powdered sugar though, so used that ... and you guessed it ... the dang pie turned out perfect. Some friend ... left out the word "powdered." kinda funny though

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