• Never ever could this happen....I may be disappointed or feel shame for my child...but never ever could I disown any of them....
  • No, if hypothetically speaking i had a kid, i would not disown him for any reason except stuff like manslaughter and cannibalism.
  • No, I would not. So, far there's no signs of being an axe murderer or anything, but even then it would be hard to disown. I would be extremely disappointed and angry, but no, not disown. I would feel as though I had failed society.
  • I could'nt imagine disowning. Maybe love from a distance if its for an unspeakable crime.
  • NEVER!!!! +5
  • there are many cases of women "shopping" thier children to the police for various crimes such as gbh and drug dealing. i will never disown my baby boy, but i will not shelter him if he hurts another like these mothers have not.
  • I cannot see myself doing so, even for the most heinous of crimes, but I'm not sure I can entirely rule it out. I would certainly not feel the same about them if they had raped and murdered a five year old, but to disown them completely? Probably not.
  • I have just learned a family member has disowned his daughter after discovering she's been in a sexual relationship with another close family member. I understand his hurt, but I don't think I could disown for this. I hope one day they resolve things. As for me, no kids yet. I like to think that I'd never disown. Murder, rape etc, would be very tough ones - especially if they weren't remorseful.
  • No fing way, and you downrate me, but it will never change the truth.
  • I would not.

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