• Yes, an "S" and an "E"
  • Sometimes. But don't you love it how in most movies and TV shows, the female scientists are always cast as the hottest girls.
  • In my mind, definitely. I think scientists are very sexy/smart/creative/innovative/exciting..especially Quantum Physicists. I think Richard Feynman was sexy, Dr. Hawking is, Carl Sagan was. It goes with the territory. Brilliance is a very powerful aphrodisiac. :)
  • My brother is highly qualified, with a brilliant work record and is a shooting star with regard to his 'chosen' subject (chemistry). However, he can barely tie his own shoelaces without help and would freely admit in many ways he is a bit of an idiot. By any stretch of the imagination, my brother is not sexy, but he is a scientist. So no.
  • YES!!!!!!! creativity and genius are totally my bag baby! tres sexy! sssssss.....smokin' hot! also, theres the weird science sexy kelly le brock correlation. very strong there... plus, who says the brainy men in labcoats dont get the babes? (and thanks for the dolby video...always loved that one! :D)

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