• Yes it does.
  • peeeeeeeeeeee yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu It stinks to high heaven!!!!!!!
  • If there is a 1929 style depression do those pigs really get hurt like the rest of us?
  • Its called stupid politics. Everything stinks when it comes to that.
  • yeah lol my history teacher was talking about that the other day and was like they could buy everyone in the US a house for that much. wouldn't that be so much more effective in helping the economy?
  • I don't like it either, and I hope this bill ends up including language that makes those bonuses and golden parachutes illegal. However, I've been watching the economy for several years now and expecting another crash of 1929 magnitude. It may already be too little too late, but if we don't have something by Monday morning, I'm afraid we are looking at another Great Depression. This isn't just about bankers and brokerage houses paying their CEOs too much. This is about Bill Clinton and Ronald Reagan dismantling much of the legislation put in place to prevent another Great Depression. This is about all of us spending too much money on credit on too much house, too much car, too much computer and too much big screen TV. This about $100,000 kitchens and baths. This is about universities competing to have the biggest research projects and the biggest scientific equipment and whatever other pork barrel project they want, even if its restoring a kitschy cast iron statue from one of the World's Fair in hopes it might be a tourist magnet. Its about buying our oil from other countries and then borrowing our money back. Its about buying our clothing and toys from China and then borrowing our money back. There is going to be hell to pay for years of high living and damn the consequences. Well, I'm afraid the consequences are about to bite back.
  • I think you're smelling it just right! I say let them crash and burn! So we all take a hit not just most of us. Then maybe someone will come up with a better plan after a little "tough love" There was life after 1929 yeah it was rough, but they got through it!
  • Stinks a lot. They figured how to rob the rest of us blind and in addition got huge bonuses. If we get into another huge depression, they deserve to ................... you finish it.
  • yup we are gonna hand money over to save these businesses so they can continue to charge us money and keep them afloat and continue to give themselves exuberant bonuses! Gotta love America huh? One step closer to a fascist state!
  • Why is it that everyone who makes more than the other guy is greedy?
  • I think anytime the govt. gets involved in the market its a bad thing. Free Market Economy is supposed to be exactly that a Free Market Economy not a Govt. controlled economy. Whoever is at blame for this... we are probably too late to save it. I will be surprised to see the US Dollar last ten more years. I hope I am wrong.
  • yeah it smells like a combo of rotten meat, feet, and raw craptonium.
  • it does seems to be a failed attempt at socialism to me, but on the other hand, several experts around the planet says it's what has to be done. In the end it just proves my point that capitalists don't know how to save their own ass when things go bad.
  • Snif Snif - Yes, the fish has definately gone off.
  • Something's rotten in the state of Denmark! And New York. And Texas. And Alaska. And...
  • this is what i wrote to my senators and house representative, and have posted this on a few different ab q's...i thought it ironic when i read your question... ........... i'm no expert, but, honestly, am i the only one who smells a rat? paulson was ceo of goldman sachs. his 5-year compensation pay from them is $46.74 million. if what i read is up-to-date (info from forbes... he still owns almost a full percent of the company, with stock valued at over $630 million. he became treasury secretary in 2006. but not before 2 goldman bankers were arrested for insider trading. in december of the following year, goldman sachs announced an $11 billion profit, over 1/3 of which came from betting on the collapse of the sub-prime market. the very next month, in january of 2008, on the today show, in front of the entire nation, paulson said regarding the economic stimulus package, "this is not an emergency, there's an urgent need. the long-term fundamentals of our economy are strong. we believe the economy is going to continue to grow slowly..." he also proudly announced to america that the economic stimulus package (a few hundred dollars per taxpayer or family) would create 500,000-900,000 jobs by year's end. so, the former-ceo-of-goldman-turned-treasury-secretary swears there's nothing seriously wrong with the economy, nothing that a few hundred bucks per taxpayer won't fix, even though his stock in goldman sachs continued to grow in value as the company bet AGAINST the rosy economic picture paulson painted for the public. now, suddenly, things are critical, when just a few short months ago we were looking at half million more jobs, on the conservative side of the estimate. i'm a simple man. i don't know the ins and outs of things this big. but i would call this conflict of interest, at least. and that phrase "insider trading" comes to mind. and that's still not the worst thing i can think of that could be going on. or are all these things just coincidences? a few things are for certain. it's no coincidence, nor is it any surprise, that paulson wants to make sure all his fellow investment bankers get their multi-million dollar compensation, and he doesn't care how many times more than our economic stimulus checks he has to charge every one of us to do so, even if it's against our will. but even more frightening to me, is this: in section 8 of his proposal, he wants to be above the constitution. he wanted no court or administration to question or stop him from getting however much he wanted, to give to whomever he wished. absolutely no one would be able to stop him. am i the only one not afraid to say fascism, or totalitarianism here? if paulson has complete control of the nation's economy, and gets a blank check from the administration and the legislative branch, while the judicial cannot oppose him, doesn't that give him totalitarian control of the entire economy of this nation? isn't trying to do that called "sedition"? his connection with goldman sachs while serving as treasury secretary while they made billions betting for a collapse of part of our economic structure, at the very least, needs to be investigated, along with calling into question why he is so adamant about forcing taxpayers to give his friends and associates millions of dollars instead of asking that they face federal investigations for possible violations of federal law. my hope is that congress will look at the bigger picture, rather than jump at his newest economic vision. you have to look no further than earlier this year to see that not everything he says about the nation's economy is truth. on the contrary, he was about as far away from truth as one person can get.
  • That's why it was defeated.
  • You want ME to "hep" ya understand this, eh? Here goes... (1) Bushwhacker & company(house/senate) are in Kahootz with one another, like "sleeping in the sane bed" the demmies & repubies! (2) This so called "bail out" is NOT about economics/finances, it's ONLY about "PEOPLE control". (3) If your ***STILL*** on the republOCRATIC ticket as a supporter, it's too late for you anyways! (4) Come up to SPEED here, like the GOP & DNC have been playing the good guy/bad guy routine for so long that it has become ridiculous! (5) Fire the GOP/DNC politicians & replace them with Constitutionally based 3rd party REPRESENTATIVES of & for the people. (6) You hang around the GOP/DNC, & you WILL hang!
  • as long as the people remain ignorant and oblivious to the world around them, we will continue to get the same. we will only see a real change when these evil parasites are held accountable for their actions. case in point, any convicted Fallon will use that old argument that he or she was an abused child, and should be given another chance for that one factor. it also helps to have a super-rich corporate lawyer who thinks like most of these Wall Street scumbags too.

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