• A bop up side da head?! ;-)
  • yeah that's going to be hard, especially when even non-Jehovah's witness sources of biblical translation authority recognize the nwt to be one of the most, if not THE MOST accurate translation of the bible. this was a question put to the contestants on "jeopardy," the answer was that the nwt is considered the most accurate translation of the bible. go figure! sorry, i hate to burst your bubble.
  • A stern rebuking from God?
  • A coupla' ordained RCs w/ scepters & a whole lotta SCCs at the ready! ;-)
  • As a JW, i will try to give you a serious answer. I trust the NWT because i have examined it carefully (for 40 years) and compared it with many (probably most) other English translations and versions as well as some in other languages, including Spanish, German and Italian. I've also used my limited knowledge of Greek and Hebrew to test it. Now to the answer: Respectfully show me specific instances as to where it is incorrect and explain why this is the case. Find me examples where the NWT is the only translation that renders given verses in a certain way. Forget about questioning the integrity or ability of the translators. We care about the result, not the method. Remember that we use all translations and don't depend solely on the NWT. Demonstrate to us that you are applying the same standard to all versions. Recognize that we don't believe the NWT to be flawless, as no translation is inspired. If you have a perfect translation, please share. Don't use theological arguments since, like Jesus, we have rejected the theology of the day as an authority. Bear in mind that only a few verses out of the whole Bible differ substantially in sense from the main translations in use. Condemning the NWT wholesale is to reject every major edition available today. There are JW's who don't explore translation (just as there are in every group), while some of us have spent many years searching this issue. More than anything, don't make this argument personal, but know yourself why this matters so much to you. If you hear a good counter-argument, acknowledge it. You may learn something in the process. I submit this answer respectfully. If you care to show me what you have, i will happily regard it and respond. I haven't seen anything convincing yet, but my eyes are still open.
  • A lock of unicorn hair woven into the visage of Christ himself??? I don't know. Translations are exactly that: translations. This means the words are interpreted by the MAN translating them. Interpretation is the key here. What he reads might not be the exact same thing that the next guy reads and BOTH of these two men could be considered expert Greek translators.
  • Nothing will convince they are wrong. My 2 cents.
  • Nothing will convince a JW that their bible is wrong because they deny everything negative about their religion. Try asking them about all the prophesies that were supposed to take place or maybe why the founder and first 2 presidents of their religion were denounced. If a person is a true JW technically they are not even supposed to be on this website. They could even be disassociated. They really aren't alloed to associate with any one outside thier faith unless they are knocking on doors trying to fill up the conversion quota for the week.
  • It doesn't matter what religion you are. They all say they are right. You need to do your own research. You could start here but again they all say there wrong you need to make up your own mind. You can't convince me any of them is right.
  • well when all religion is put under ban by the world governments. and you may chuckle at that. who do you think would survive?
  • Nothing will. JWs, like most religious people, have faith that their religion is right. If you have faith, no amount of evidence can prove you wrong.
  • Nothing will.
  • translations are interpretations. I can take a copy of the Greek new testament and interpret in a different way - not by mistranslating it, but by using a different synonym. Sometimes, in translation, concepts can be hard to put into words, and it takes a great deal of thought to convey the original meaning concisely. There are various schools of though regarding translation - namely, that a translation should be an accurate word for word rendering of the original text, or, conversely that the translation should read as well in the translated language as in the original. Take, for example, idiomatic expressions. If I were translating a passage into French which contained the line: "Don't count your chickens before they have hatched", and translated that directly, word for word into French, it would not read smoothly to a French reader - it would be stilted, and would not flow in the same way as the original text. However, if I translated it by using the french equivalent phrase: "Do not sell the bear skin before you have caught the bear", I would be conveying exactly the same meaning, but not using the same literal words. In the second example, the translated text as a whole would have the same meaning, if not the exact words, as the original, and be readily understood by the reader. So, all translations are ultimately flawed, as they contain a man made interpretation of, not only the words, but also the decisions on how to translate effectively. Why do we never query the various translations of Homer or Plato or Socrates? We are happy to accept that the various English translations of other ancient texts are verbatim, but not the Bible? And on a final point, when I once had a visit from the local JWs, and they explained carefully to me what the original Greek meanings of words meant, according to the translation they were using, I simply went to my study, picked up my copy of the New Testament in Greek, and my Greek Lexicon, and we took it from there.
  • I've been thinking a lot about this question since it arrived. Here are some further thoughts. If you want to be convincing, first know your subject well. Reading someone's writings on a few verses won't do it. First, answer this question: Are YOU convinced that it is incorrect? If so, why? Before you judge the translation, get to know it. Most non-Witnesses don't have the Reference Edition (its stock number is bi8). It has abundant footnotes that show why a word or expression is rendered a certain way, along with extra appendices. If this is really important to you, i urge you to get a copy and read it all the way through (you're already reading the Bible daily, aren't you?). As you read, check the notes along with your favorite versions and their notes. write in the margins and make serious searches into the meanings along with your interlinear, Strong's concordance and Vine's expository dictionary. Since we are dealing with God's Word, more than anything i urge you to pray over the matter, seeking direction humbly. If you find a real problem, Jehovah will help you to know how to share the truth. Remember, if we are mistaken, we want to know. We are seeking truth not prominence or control. PLEASE, let us know what you find. Right now i'm ready to listen.
  • Why bother? If it makes them happy to be Jehova's Witnesses, why bother? : )
  • Thomas, please try your methods on JW's here on AB. Show us verses you believe to be in error and give the explanation based on Greek grammar. I for one am eager to hear and glad to listen. If your arguments are sound, i will agree and back you. If i find fault, i will respectfully offer counter arguments. Thanks
  • The problem is this: their faith in the NWT is founded in their faith in "The Governing Body" and/or their "Literature". . . . . You can't undermine their faith in the NWT without first undermining their faith in that other thing. . . . . But the task is difficult in any case. Even with a NON-witness you would have to be able to show that the translation is ACTUALLY INCORRECT . . . . which means that both you AND your audience would have to possess FLUENCY in Koine Greek in order for you to PROVE that a particular passage was ***mistranslated***.
  • When I can push the button on my cell phone and ask Google what is the most accurate Bible and it no longer says the New world translation then I might consider it. When Wikipedia stop saying that the New world translation is the most accurate Bible I might consider. When the three leading major encyclopedias in the world stop saying that the New world translation is the most accurate Bible then I might consider changing. In the meantime I'm going with what the leading authorities say. Friend try it for yourself push the button on your phone and ask Google what is the most accurate Bible.

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