• Define "past"...
  • because it makes you who you are today....we live and we learn..
  • Those who fail to learn from the past are destined to repeat it!
  • The most important time for us is the presence. We live in the presence. The past was a presence once....
  • Human nature doesn't change. We are the same corrupted, greedy, sinful people that our ancestors were. If you study history, it gives you the sense where certain patterns of behavior have led in the past and where they might be leading in the future. It gives you a sense of what measures have worked to cope with patterns of behavior in the past so we can make better decisions in the future. It gives you a sense of the sacrifices people made before you were born, so that you could be where you are today. It helps you to understand why people feel the way they do, based on the experiences they've had and their parents and grandparents. It also helps you to understand that we aren't so superior to our parents and grandparents. They were intelligent and had good ideas too. Some worked, some didn't. That's life.
  • It is easier to forget the past but a lot more difficult to forgive it. The calamities ,the wars, the holocaust, the losses, the sanctions etc. It is said that we learnt from our past but there are many instances that man will never learn just as at this moment wars,killings, corruption, pollution, deforestation, lost of habitat, green house effect, stock market crash are forever repeating and haunting us.Ignorance of history will be the downfall of our society, our security ,our well beings and our heritage. Remedial actions were designed but the damaged done in most cases were beyond repair.Its just like throwing salt into the ocean.
  • What you are today is built from your past. i.e the harder life you had in the past the tougher person you'll become.
  • the past is what shapes your future.. and it is what makes you YOU
  • the past is just the future with the lights on...
  • Because we all have one - even newborns if you're phisosophically tuned that way. We need to remember the mistakes of our past, to learn from them ad to move forwards with our learned maturity. Our present is our past and our future is the present just waiting to happen. It's all tied in... Also, if we don't learn from our mistakes from the past, we're doomed to keep repeating them constantly.
  • Many people believe we can avoid making the same mistakes over and over again, if we will learn from the past mistakes. It doesn't really work because most people cannot learn from reading about other people's mistakes, but must make the mistakes all by themselves, sometimes over and over.
  • If we separate time into three periods, Past, Present, and Future, it might look like this: ● Future: hasn't happened yet, so in effect it's non-existent; ● Present: what's happening this very instant. As soon as it happens, it's past. The present has no duration. The present "lasts" only an infinitesimally brief fraction of a second, and then it's past. ● Past: This is all we know. It's all we have to reflect on, to think about, to study, to regret, to enjoy. There is no future (it hasn't happened yet), and the present is past before we realize it, before we can reflect on it, before we can say the word, "present." Metaphor: Consider the pendulum of a grandfather clock. Watch it move, in your mind, in slow motion. At the extreme of its swing it stops, to change direction. Where it stops is the present. It's about to move into the future, if all goes well and the movement doesn't break, or run down, and if an asteroid doesn't strike and destroy it. We can't say for sure, b/c the future hasn't happened yet. We can only predict it, and our prediction is based on our knowledge of the past. And this is why the past is so important. Everything we know is based on the past. More correctly, everything we know IS the past. We don't know the future. The present tells us nothing- a motionless pendulum, frozen in time. If all we saw was the present, a stopped pendulum, then we'd have no idea what might happen next. But if we have the benefit of the past and we've been around to watch the pendulum swing through a few cycles, then we can use that past information to predict the future. It wouldn't be certain (factual), but we could formulate a theory that would give us the best possible predictions of the future. Everything we think we know is based on the past. The past is everything.
  • It moulds the future
  • Past is experience for life to build future.From Past we learn what is good things and what is bad things that not again repeat in future.Future can build based on the past brick.Past behavior say future of you.If u do bad things in past,But in future you do things but Past come like shadow say your Bad.
  • It's not really. Not to me anyway.
  • Because without it there would be no future.
  • Knowing where you're coming from is important when figuring out where you're going too. The past is a record of performance, if you will. Studying that record of performance gives you ideas on how to guide your future actions. You can apply this to anything you want. Technology, personal life, politics, war, name it. Ignore history and you are paddling blind in the ocean of life.

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