• Around here in Connecticut, most schools require students to wear uniforms. So I would have to say that it's close to 100%.
  • notenough in my opinion. I like the idea of some form of uniform. I think it gets rid of a lot of the rich kid poor kid drama and students are looked at as equals and it also prepares them for a lifetime of being a good little worker drone where they will almost assuredly have to wear a uniform in the workplace of some sort..I mean as much as I hate to think and admit it, we all wear uniforms, even our casual clothing is a uniform of status. They might as well get used to it if they are gonna live in the system we have created.
  • I think it's a really really low percentage.. since I've never heard of a public school requiring a uniform for regular school time (gym class excluded of course.) I've only ever heard of private schools requiring uniforms.

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