• I am having the same problem.Did you purchase your device from kmart?
  • Yes, I did buy mine from Kmart in Australia just a few weeks ago in a sale. I can still not get Windows Media Player or RealPlayer to acknowledge device, but my sister has since used her laptop to get it to work. She connected MP3 player to her laptop then opened Windows Media Player and it worked straight away. I am still trying to figure out how to do it on my computer so I don't have to use my sisters laptop every time I want to change my songs. We have tried updating our Windows Media Player but still doesn't work.
  • Why nt, instead of using wmp to transfer the songs, simply drag and rop the mp3 song files you want to listen to onto the player itself. When you connect it up via the USB cable, it should register within a few seconds as a now device, and a little notification appears bottom right, then changes as it assess what type of device it is. Open My Computer, and there should be a new drive there that wasn't present before, possibly called SANSUI but sometimes just mp3 player or in fact just Drive:(something). Copy and paste the music files you want into this drive and see if that works. Most flash disk mp3 players work like this.
  • Hi. Thanks so much for detailed instructions. What you say makes perfect sense but... I have connected MP3 player with USB cable. On bottom right of computer it confirms hardware "USB Mass Storage Device Sigmatel MSCN USB device" is connected and working properly. But when I go to MY COMPUTER I can't find any drive that would be for Sansui (or Sigmatel) MP3 player. IS there any other way I can gind drive for MP3 player?

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