• Contrary to popular belief, there are people out here that like to help others who may need it. I find it satisfying to know that I can help someone who may not have the answer to their own personal dilema. I have quite a bit of what seems like useless knowledge in my head, and it feels good to put it to use. The ratings add a fun factor to the whole experience, but helping is what I find makes it worth my while.
  • I come here to ask questions and answer questions. Points are nice to have, but are not necessary.
  • Yes, I come to get answers and have gotten some good ones, useful ones. And I come here to help people out and to learn things and discuss with people from all over the world. I don't think the ratings mean that much to the people, only to the questions and answers. It's fun to see the different levels and it's great for personal goals and to see how you're personally doing but it really doesn't mean anything, it's just too much time spent here LOL!
  • I come to see what's being asked and what I can answer, helpfully or jokingly. The points are gravy.
  • When I first came on AB..all I wanted was to get to Sage (there was no level higher then). Then I wanted to become Maestro (not a mad scramble for it, just a steady plodding along)..I have. Now I am not at all concerned with points, ratings, whatever. I just enjoy being here, learning more and more about people. :-)
  • I'm here for the discussions more than anything. Sometimes I have / see a question that needs answering, or see a question that interests me, but most of the time I'm just here to discuss things (through the initial question, then answer, and discussions in the comments section). Points are so arbitrary and irrelevant that I think the idea of people coming here 'just for points' is absolutely hilarious : P If I wanted to have a big number next to my name, I'd open notepad and write "Twhupfold, 999", then close it again and get on with my life... Maybe I could open it again each day and write "+1'000 Points" so I get a sense of progression, but honestly... lol...
  • All! That's the reason why AB is addicting: it has something to offer to everybody.
  • I'm here because I enjoy the atmosphere and the people. The other things are just bonuses..
  • I want answers and to ask questions, but the ratings motivate me more.
  • Been here over four years. If I cared about points, I'd be over level 110 by now.
  • This question has been asked a million times, a million different ways. I honestly come to answer questions. The points don't matter to me one way or the other.
  • I don't really care about the ratings and points, if I can answer a question, then it's worth it.
  • its to get points lol i discovered this site when i searched up a question on google and it took me here and when i saw that a person wrote a wrong answer i wanted to correct them so i had to sign up. but u can find really good answers here but most the time u only hear the obvious.
  • I come to see weird and wacky questions and have fun answering them :) .. I like to lvl up but thats not important to me
  • I come here to interact with other people. I've met some really nice people here who I would not mind meeting and getting to know in the "real world".
  • I do like to get good ratings, but what I really enjoy is reading people's questions and answers. I also love the comment threads and getting to interact with people from all over.
  • All of the above.
  • Im here to help. I dont give a hoot about points.
  • I never gave a crap about the points and 'gold' on reddit, and don't care a whit about AB ratings. I'm here for amusement...and to play 'Dear Abby'.

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