• no i dont some times they can do more harm then good both of them
  • I wouldn't go that far, because...anthrax is natural... But generally yeah, if we're talking about foods especially, I think it's healthier to eat something natural than something brewed in a lab.
  • Nope... Think Nightshade, Poison Ivy, Poison Oak, Poison Sumac, Rattlesnake Venon, Cobra Venom, Black Widow Spider Venom, Jellyfish Venom, etc., etc., etc. ALL are natural (and COULD be included (legally) in any item - in extremely small quantities - of ANY item that claims it's "natural"). Now, think of how when you combine chemicals of various types, you produce various things: Sometimes it's benign, sometimes it's volatile (explosive, even). What makes ANYONE think that combining two or more "natural" ingredients will NOT be bad, in the long run. Another thing... "Natural" products are not near as tested for long-term side-effects as other (chemical) items are. If they have problems with some chemical products that have been tested for 10 or more years, why wouldn't a "natural" product that has NOT been tested for that length of time cause problems? I'd rather have the tested products, thank you. See the second item at my webpage for more.
  • no - a lot of lethal poisons come from plant extract
  • No,I can't say that I do.
  • No. A bee sting is a natural product, but it killed a man in our area recently. (example) There are lots of poisions in nature that can make you ill or kill you and also make you hiGH. There are also lots of chemicals that save lives and are used to keep us healthy. Organic food has been advertised as being good for you vs food raised with chemicals involved. Without chemicals there would be much less food to feed this hungry world!!
  • NO, NO, NO!!!!!!!!!
  • -.- Not at all. Chemicals = Good.
  • Back in the 50s and 60s, there used to be this belief that science could create better food, and people purchased processed food thinking that they were BETTER than nature. Back then, you would have looked like a freak if you only used organic foods.
  • All things in life require a healthy medium..including the balance between natural and man-made products.
  • There are good and bad in both categories. The medicines that save our lives are chemicals.
  • Everything, natural or synthesised is made of chemicals. There is virtually no difference between a natural and a synthesised chemical. eg Digitalis comes from the plant Foxglove originally. Given in the right dose, it has helped people with heart problems for many centuries, but the right dose was hard to estimate because different flowers contain different amounts of the active ingredient. That is why it was synthesised- to make sure that correct doses are given and no over/underdosing takes place. So don't be fooled. You can take your foxglove and risk misdosing, or take the synthesised version and get a correct dose. This is the case with all natural remedies. For many, it does not matter the dosage (eg dandelion tea, clover tea, garlic oil etc) but some natural remedies are dangerous, if not lethal. Remember Hemlock is killed Socrates.
  • Ha! Sorry... All things are made of chemicals, thus all chemicals are natural. Most chemicals can harm you if you take enough. Even water.
  • While I don't believe "all" chemicals are bad, and I don't believe that "all" natural products are healthy, I do believe the balance of natural vs. chemical in items such as food and medicine should be studied with tremendous vigor, and the idea of organic foods and natural medicines should not be tossed aside as hippie nonsense. Everyone who knows me personally can tell the difference in my body after changing from a diet consisting of mainly processed foods to a diet of organic and unprocessed foods. The types of foods I ate before are along the same levels of the types of foods I eat now, they are just grown and processed in a less chemically-treated way. 63 lbs less, I am convinced.
  • Oxygen is a chemical element. Anthrax is natural product. Take it from there.
  • I believe that natural rather than manufactured is better..however, I also believe in effectiveness and some "natural" things are cute but useless.:) Happy Friday! :)
  • Natural products ARE chemicals! Just naturally occurring ones.

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