• They should. Some do, some don't.
  • All of the ones I've made out with get a raging hard-on. This question might be better suited for the AB4Adults section, though. I'll ask that they move it there so you can be freely answered.
  • I know I do. Sometimes I get one for no reason at all. Like out in public and then women sometimes notice and it is embarrassing.
  • yes and its such a turn on to kiss her deeply and passionatly while you grind your hard cock againest her crotch it leaves you breathless and very horny.
  • LOL! Mine gets one without even touching me..... damn! I do love it, though. :)
  • yes its normal if you arent getting one then well you might want to go buy some viagra
  • yes mine gets hard all the time when we just make out. but i like it ;) it makes me know hes into me and i like grinding on him when hes like tht but what i dont like is getting wet its kinda gross.i dont want a guy fingering me like that
  • Are you kidding? a gentle breeze can give you a boner! There is no rhyme or reason to why me get them, they are just a part of being a man. Women get periods, men have to figure out how to hide there ever present boners.
  • When else will they go hard? After making out? If a guy does not get high during, when exactly after making out and before the actual act would the hard on happen? *wonders* Making out is something like cooking and the act is something like eating. The food gets ready to eat only during the process, doesn’t it? The same way, foreplay is supposed to be for that purpose, to raise the heat and wet the valley. *giggles*
  • Of course I get a hard on. I don't even need to be making out, I can get a hard on just seeing some women. But once the kissing starts, it's right there, and when the boobs are groped.. it's rock hard.. I have even cum in my pants on occasion...

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