• If your microwave does not have turntable, you need to take out the bag every two minutes or so and turn it and shake the popping material around in the bag to coat it with the oils that heat the popcorn. Try that and see if that works.
  • Inside every popcorn kernal, there is a small amount of water. The trick is to heat the water inside enough for it to turn to steam and explode, turning the kernal inside-out. If the microwave heats too slowly, it will not turn to steam. If it heats too quickly, the water will burn itself out and the kernal will be a dud. Your microwave is doing one of these two things. Try adjusting your power level. That's the only thing I know to do.
  • Do you have it on the right setting and NOT on defrost, or something like that?
  • 1. Use popcorn bags that are specifically designed for microwave use. 2. Remove the outer plastic covering, only put in the paper bag 3. Put the bag in according to the label (which side down?) 4. Stay by the microwave and stop it when there are no more pops for 3 seconds. 5. Take out the bag right away, and open it. I usually pour the popcorn into a large salad bowl to serve.
  • Whoa whoa whoa whoa. Lets get one thing straight first. Is it popcorn or shrinky dinks that you are putting in the microwave?
  • how old is the popcorn? that makes a difference as well good luck!

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