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  • Think of England!
  • Masturbate less
  • Don't ejaculate for some time and the pressure will build up as will the volume of semen ejaculated. I wouldn't try for more than about 3-4 feet however.
  • Actually, masterbate more. Just not all the way. When your just about to cum STOP. Do this a few times a day for 3 or 4 days. Your balls will get a little uncomfortable after a couple days. Yes it's very difficult but the results are amazing. I tried this when I knew I was going to get together with my ex-wife once who always was a good swallower ;) She was blowing me and when I was ready I pulled out a little and jacked it and watched about 6 LARGE squirts shoot in her mouth. So hot.
  • practice makes perfect grasshopper, with time you too will be able to shoot flies out of the sky with your sperm.
  • well, which is it? masturbate MORE or LESS? i masturbate alot, and it doesn't make sense to say don't jerk off for a while, yea, it's going to build up, and you'll shoot more, common sense tells us that, what we want to know is how to shoot more, all the time!
  • the best way possible (all contingent upon how often you ejaculate, cuz the less the better for shooting) but best possible way is to do just that: when you're gonna be with your girl....DONT TOUCH YOUR DINGDONG for as long as possible before you're planning on getting it on with her--at least 24hrs...but 2 or 3 days or more is best for KILLER results! then, right before you're gonna meet her....jackoff a ton...BUT NEVER EJACULATING!!! every time you're about to release...STOP!!! DO THIS OVER AND OVER AND OVER for like 15 minutes. the biggest challange is just not giving up and saying "screw it, then blow your wad" you have to rev your engine up knowing that your night with her is going to be an AMAZING OLD FAITHFUL experience! The key is RESIST! RESIST! RESIST! then when you're with her...light the fuse to your bomb! :-) :-)
  • To shoot more all the time, you need to build the sexual tension you feel around the experience. More foreplay-- I mean an hour's worth of foreplay. That might help. Don't masturbate at all when you are not with your girl.

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