• Try not to think of it...maybe yur concentrating on it too much. Or tell them to stop
  • It's not a stupid question. I can relate. Whenever my dad eats ice cream, he breathes really loudly through his nose and snorts. It's a strange phenomenon. I know he probably doesn't do it on purpose, but it makes my skin crawl. I guess I just overcome it by tuning it out or by remembering that we all have flaws, and there are probably things I do that make him feel the same way.
  • Tune it out, walk away...we all have little things we do that maybe bother others. Some express how they are annoyed, more, others less or not at all. Learn to live with little annoyances, I have learned they are as big as you want to make them. :)
  • BTW...there are no "stupid" questions! :)
  • This will pass. Give it time. : )

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