• What they eat doesn't make me fat. What they smoke does make me choke.
  • Well, in theory, overweight people are only hurting themselves, while smokers are (supposedly) hurting everything and everyone around them.
  • I don't think that its "Fairly acceptable." not to mind your own business either way. But if a smoker is blowing smoke in your face, you have a right to say something. Fat people don't bother anyone unless they sit on you so... Smokers are twice as likely to blow smoke on you than a fat person would be to sit on you I think?
  • Fat people don't go around shoving the food they choose to eat in other peoples faces... which is why I wouldnt say anything to them. But I will mention something when someone is blowing a bunch of smoke in my face and rolling their eyes at me when I cough... Not saying all smokers are like this, I know many who are very polite about it. Then, I couldnt care less. Their life, and their habit. Its none of my business.. ~+~
  • because smokers have been given a bad rap by society and are easy scapegoats. they are viewed as masochistic addicts who endanger themselves and also others through their secondhand smoke. secondhand smoke stinks and it bothers people. i think people dont bring up eating with overweight people because they dont know what has caused the obesity and it is considered impolite to make negative comments towards another's appearance. sometimes obesity is caused by disease or a hereditary condition or some other reason that is not always easy to counteract and not necessarily attributable to overeating. but playing devils advocate, these same people who chew out smokers drive around in vehicles with exhaust far more toxic than cigarette, cigar or pipe smoke. id take a little smoke over benzene, toluene and other voc emissions any day. i think its always the best policy to give helpful advice, not criticize whenever possible. an eye for an eye makes us all blind.

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