• i dont believe so 2 glasses and im quite drunk but happy never ever aggressive whisky and stella are the home wreckers
  • I dont drink much wine because I am sensitive to sulfates. It dosent make me aggressive though.
  • Alcohol, in general, lowers your inhibitions and makes it easier to ignore social mores. What happens to you when you drink depends on what you have bottled up inside you. If you are secretly sad, you will be a weepy drunk. If you are repressing anger, it will come out. If you suffer from low self-confidence, you will be agressive. Wine is no differant from any other form of alcohol. Any diferances probably stem from the diferant ways in which wine drinkers partake differantly from whiskey drinkers.
  • Different alcoholic beverages don't produce different kinds of intoxication. Alcohol is alcohol. Some people get aggressive when drunk, many others don't. Try it and see, I guess.
  • No. Generally when I drink a little too much, I tend to get frisky or sleepy.
  • i think that all depends on if you are an aggresive drunk or not. but i would assume that if any liqure can calm you down it would be wine
  • Not at all.
  • I'm an emotional drunk. I love 'ya, man.

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