• i learned that i enjoy helping others by answering their questions and that i enjoy reading other peoples questions. I also learned that Answerbag is FUN!
  • Not to login when I'm drinking.
  • i've learned its hard to leave!
  • I learned it's a bad idea to log in when you have an essay to finish the next day. I haven't even started in the last 3 hours!
  • I learned that there are people out there who have the same questions I do. And I have a lot of answers that people need.
  • That even among all of you desperate losers I am still the bigger and more desperate loser of you all.
  • I have learned that I hate the mythical creature known as a troll...and on a more serious note I have found that no matter where you are from people can still share the same moral, ethical, religious, nonreligious, traditional, nontraditional, tolerable beliefs that you do...I love AB and I am not sure if I would be the same person without it....well maybe
  • Not to login if I want to get anything done around my house.
  • Many things. Ive learnt that I don't need a harmful way to use up my time. I've learnt that there are fantastic people out there, and not everyone is like the people round here and my family. I've learnt that my slight oddness, rather than being shunned can be accepted. I've learnt that I have a severe want for a beard. I've learnt that sometimes I do need help, and I can't deal with everything on my own. I've learnt that my dad is not worth the time and effort I gave him just to be pushed away when there are people who won't push me away. I've learnt that many people don't think I'm disgusting I've learnt that I don't have any hate for the first time in a long time. I've learnt that I can, and do love, something I never thought I'd be able to.
  • That I'm a worse procrastinator than I thought I was.
  • I learned that I'm even weirder than I thought I was.
  • I have learned that deep down; I really do miss reading Archie comics, the long lost highlight of my fleeting youth. I have learned that I can be ever so resourceful and that there are many inventive uses for left over pills. I have learned that Johnny Depp is the pinnacle of manhood that I wish to somehow attain to. I have learned that I am completely flabbergasted that sex education is no longer taught in American high schools since there are thousands of youths out there who have no clue what activity is needed in order to become pregnant. I have learned the value of patience and that I have a much deeper reservoir of it than I had previously thought. I have learned that I value sharing information and wisdom more than I value “ratings”. And, finally, I have learned that ranting like this can be good for me and I can even post these thoughts on the Internet.
  • That my spelling and grammer are worse than i thought. By the way how does the new spell check work
  • That I am very opinionated
  • That sometimes advice is not always wanted. And that I should keep my mouth shut sometimes. Especially when dealing with emotive issues.
  • i'm impatient, easily hurt by what people say sometimes,that things could be worse for me, that things could be better for me, i'm not as smart as i thought i was but i am smarter at times than i thought i was, i've gotten some really wonderful, smart advice from the people on answerbag and i've realized that i really am a pretty good and caring person(i've actually cried being on here several times)meaning i've heard such sweet answers at times it has literally brought tears to my eyes. and last but not least, this place is highly addictive, this is all i do on the internet anymore. thanks everybody for everithing.
  • I've learned that my wife has been telling lies about me and planning on leaving me for a while
  • I've learned that my good qualities are apparently more pronouced in impersonal situations.
  • Interesting. I found that I have to learn a lot to answer some of the Questions!
  • That I am damn funny.
  • That I'm often shy and wait for other people to be friends with me instead of just going into the crowd and being social.
  • I am an opinionated asshole
  • how willing i am to waste what little time i have left
  • It is possible to love people you have never met in person.
  • That I missed having friends in my life.
  • I have lots of opinions. Some of which surprise even me.
  • I've learned that I'm nowhere near as awesome as the people here!
  • That I have it in me to help a complete stranger that I'm never going to actually meet in person, but I help anyway just because.
  • No matter how honest I am, there's always some troll who accuses me of being someone else, so I might as well stick to the truth anyway.
    • Crazychick
      Who accused you of being someone else, Bijou?
  • What questions provoke thoughtful, funny, ironic, witty answers out of me and others.
  • That I'm capable of bearing a grudge against a troll.
    • Bootsiebaby
      Aren't we all? Lol:)
  • That if I answer a question with this many answers, my answer will be lost forever at the end of a long scroll we're not allowed to see.
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      Oh, and that I seem to be compulsive and lack certain inhibitions other possess, and that I need to buy some new shorts that wont ride up when sitting this long.
  • That the distance between making a serious answer and a funny/punny one are often very close.

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