• Sturdy Comfy for flat-footed people My size Non-marking soles
  • well...this might be leather, knee length or possibly higher, laces all the way up at the back but the laces would be chains, buckles placed all the way up the boots in alternating directions and 3 small spikes placed on each buckle strap, platform of about 4 inches and small holes in them with bars in the holes...shall i draw you a few diagrams to go with that aswell :P
  • I love platform shoes. but they have to be confortable. I love sandels they are my fav no pink or orange or yellow any other color would be ok can think of any thing else right know
  • Though style is nice, nothing beats comfort, in the shoe business repeat business is everything, I don't buy for style, I buy for comfort. Mostly I wear Reeboks for casual, they fit a persons foot better and are very comfortable and durable and last longer than anyother casuals I have tried on the market. Nike's suck and are over rated, the last pair of Nike's I bought fell apart on me not even two months after I bought'em and what sucked is that they wouldn't take'm back.
  • Comfortable and sexy stiletto heels. Is this possible? if so im your client for life.

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