• ( Harvey Norman shops have the best price.
  • Sam's Club Staples all depends on what you want and if you want Vista of XP, go online to the first ones and look around, its still there, if you want it, or pick up a copy of pcworld mag. there ad's in there for them at good prices.
  • okey, recently i bought a high capacity sony np-fp90 camcorder replacement for my low power sony camcorder, the website: , so the supplys quite good quality and high capacity camcorder battery
  • I have gotten good deals with nice rebates at Office Depot with my last two laptops. I try to look around online and research what my needs are, and then start checking sale ads in the Sunday paper. Sometimes you can get a better deal on E-Bay if you know what you want.
  • I think you can use the to compare laptop if you want to buy extra latpop battery you can see USA UK:
  • I just know there is a good online laptop battery store which sells high quality laptop computer battery. See I bought a COMPAQ PRESARIO R3000 Battery a couple of days ago at good luck!
  • check out you can find great deals from all stores
  • free shipping on most items
  • is a good place to buy a laptop..
  • amazon
  • Amazon is already a good shopping site to buy a digital device. It is trustable and its delivery is really fast. And they offer sales from time to time. Besides Amazon, you can also go to the official site of the laptop brand you'd like to buy. It must be the safest place to buy your laptop but the price is not as beautiful as Amazon. Try to use some coupon codes to get discounts. For example, I found this Lenovo deal for you. Sign Up & Receive Up To $100 Off Your Next Purchase
  • I bought all the computers in my office from Walmart. Just make sure you get a good machine.
  • I just bought a new lap top from Amazon for a good price and quick delivery.
  • on the web
  • I bought mine at Walmart.
  • used on ebay
  • annazon
  • If your still looking for a laptop Walmart just gave out deals and promotions, there is a special on hardware, very cheap .take the link: pick any promotion then shop now
  • Check out Office Max/Office Depot. They usually have good deals on computers.
  • #1 - decide which laptop (brand, model, amount of RAM, etc.) you want to buy *** #2 - search shopping sites (bing shopping, google shopping, etc.) for the best price *** #3 Also search these places separately [[ ]] Why: because they might have a sale price that beats the prices you see in the shopping sites.

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