• Kocho Cumandra in the East End. Check him out!
  • has many.
  • I have a really great dentist. His name is Dr. Charles Botbol....He really is THE BEST !! He has many terrific attributes... First and foremost...He's very GENTLE !! He's super nice and funny...He makes going to the dentist extremely fun !! ( I'm not joking either !) I've been going to him for over 12 years and everyone at his office is so warm and friendly. They treat their patients like family members ! If any of you are interested ....check out his website at
  • Whatever you do DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT visit Dr. Lancelot Brown on Cumberland in Yorkville. He caused me so much distress, his assistant wasn't paying attention and she stabbed me in the face with an instrument while trying to fill a cavity. He FORGOT to fill a filling, and I left his office with a tooth with the root nearly exposed. Suprise it ended up needing a root canal 2 days later and when I confronted him he denied it. Then I had to have a molar extracted because my bite was so uneven it broke one of my teeth. 3 weeks of hell this guy put me through. I've reported him to the dental association but am telling everyone I know to STEER CLEAR of this ego driven idiot.
  • Dr. Charles Botbol is my personal favorite. I hope this post helps whoever is looking for a SKILLED dentist who actually cares about you. It took me a long time, but I actually found someone who has a great team (its not only the dentist who is awesome) and has a dedication to providing his patients with great care, skill and judgement. Just want to say THANK YOU for helping me gain control of my life ( I think Dr. B is a terrific person aside from having great clinical skills too !). May G-d bless your soul. thanks from our entire family. warmest regards, Mary, Jethro, Ron, Lisa and least but not least, Buddy (our puppy !!!)

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