• "Hasn't exploded yet"
  • Isn't that when you butter your bread before you put it in the toaster?
  • Means you don't have to go "outside the box" to fix it.
  • In terms of a travel trailer, it means it has a toilet with a built in holding tank.
  • Something that's self-contained is independent of other things that might effect whatever it does. Ya get? :)
  • To me it means .. to contain oneself either by thought emotion or action. For others i am sure there are many variants of meaning.
  • House and travel trailers are "Self Contained" of course it depends on the context of the question I am assuming your talking about trailers and campers since they are the objects that are most described as "Self Contained" in which case it carries it own water and toilet facilities, has refer and cooking area's with beds and mattresses and goes anywhere that you wish to go basically a home on wheels or shelter on wheels as the case may be ... ~Nemo~
  • I think I'm pretty much self-contained. What I mean by that is this...I lived alone for many years and handled all my problems as they occurred. I tend to work things out all by myself instead of running to someone else to "fix it" for me. I am very happy with Jim in my life..but he didn't "make" me happy..I was already a happy person. I ask for help whenever it has to do with mechanical thingies, 'cause I'm no good at that..but as far as handling my life, my problems, my challenges myself, I'm pretty self-contained! Does that help? :)
  • i think it means to stay within yourself.
  • If its referring to a person: Booring

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