• jackie stallone
  • The best one that works for us is to have a person standing behind a black curtain, or hidden in the corner, and speak to them. My son once dressed up like a scarecrow and sat in a chair outside and that really scared people to find out he was real.
  • fake body parts, part of an arm that someone chewed off.
  • We close in our front porch with black tablecloths wrapped all around. We put up those fake webs all around. We have a bench on our porch that we decorate like a coffin and my husband puts a wireless speaker under the bench with creepy noises. We have a huge grim reaper right in the front that starts going off as soon as the kids come around the corner. A lot of the parents told us the kids were afraid to come up on the porch.
  • Me in a bikini....;)
  • real body parts scattered around and dead animals(use road kill) always set the mood.
  • When I was a missionary in Spain, the other missionaries and I built a haunted house in our (rented) Church building. We did a lot of great stuff and scared a lot of people, but the one thing that scared our branch president (who was otherwise unfazed) was a refrigerator-sized box made to look like an upright coffin. He expected someone to be hiding inside and as he began to open the “lid,” a missionary dressed as “the Mask” jumped out from behind it and really made him jump. ;-) Most people, though, were scared by another missionary dressed as the Phantom of the Opera. He pulled his cape over his face and hid in the corner, lowering it right after the last person in the group passed and quietly walking behind them. Just as the group was about to leave the room, Freddy Krueger came out in front and the Phantom made his presence known, from behind; it was *awesome*. :-D (In short, it’s amazing what you can do with basically no budget and a little ingenuity.)
  • A life size cardboard replica of Rosie O'Donnell.
  • okay .. desighn the place with my school principles picture .. lollll :) .. he is freeky and he has wrinkles everywhere .. his pictures will make young kids have a heartattak .. lol
  • Masks of Republican presidents and wanna bees...(i.e. Bush, McCain & Palin)
  • probably witches
  • I don't think it's scary, but I saw a mold once used to make a head of gelatin (CSI game?) I didn't see it up close, but when I saw it I thought wouldn't it be cool to have a Halloween party and serve an open cadaver- or at least what looks like one but it would all be real food! I thought a drop of black food coloring in cottage cheese would look like brains
  • anything thats scary

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