• Naughty, naughty, naughty. Start reading your works when you get them, a couple of pages at a time per day. However, I remember what it was like to be at school, and the rubbish they made us read, so here is what I can find. It isn't much, sorry: A Cry in the Night From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation, search A Cry in the Night Author Mary Higgins Clark Country United States Language English Genre(s) Mystery Publisher Simon & Schuster Publication date September 1982 Media type Print (Hardcover, Paperback) ISBN ISBN 0-671-43128-5 A Cry in the Night (1982) is a suspense novel by American author Mary Higgins Clark. It takes the reader on a ride of mystery, fear and confusion through the eyes of the narrator, Jenny MacPartland. Contents [hide] 1 Plot Summary 2 Characters in A Cry in the Night 3 Film, TV, or theatrical adaptations 4 External links [edit] Plot Summary Jenny MacPartland is a divorced single mother living in New York City and is juggling raising her two young girls Beth and Tina and making ends meet. One night while working at the art gallery Jenny meets the wealalalalalalthy and successful artist, Erich Krueger, and he instantly sweeps her off her feet. She drops everything and marries Erich within a month after meeting him. She allows him to adopt her two children from her previous marriage to Kevin MacPartland and they move away to his beautiful mansion in Minnesota. Before long strange things start happening. Erich’s eccentricities are brought out into the light. He leaves for a cabin in the woods for days at a time and does not allow anyone to come near the cabin while he is there. He has a strange obsession with his dead mother, Caroline, who Jenny looked very similar to, and even requires Jenny to wear her old nightgown. He wants the house kept meticulously clean and cuts Jenny off from the world. When Jenny’s ex-husband, Kevin, is found dead in the lake by the Krueger home, Jenny begins to suspect that Erich was involved. When she decides to question Erich, he goes insane. He kidnaps her children and Jenny decides that the only way she can find her children is to go to the cabin the woods. There she discovers the terrible secret of the Krueger family and now has the evidence she needs to leave Erich and save her children. [edit] Characters in A Cry in the Night Jenny MacPartland – a divorced single mother, narrator Erich Krueger – a painter whom Jenny marries in the course of the story Kevin MacPartland – Jenny's lazy ex-husband; an actor Beth MacPartland – Jenny's first daughter Tina MacPartland – Jenny's second daughter
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