• Nothing I know of. Just flush real fast. Did you hear that line referring to this issue on the movie ELF? LOL. Not all humans have this problem with asparagus because of the way they metabolize it, but the majority do.
  • Drink Soy Milk to reduce the asparagus effects, It works very well.
  • I've noticed that the kind of asparagus you eat makes a difference. You know, there is the big giant variety, then there is the skinny variety.... I think that the skinny stuff is worse. Also, I grill asp. sometimes with olive oil and rosemary. The smell is lessened somehow - whether by the oil or the rosemary (which has a smell of its own), I do not know.
  • I have never heard of any remedy for that. Does it really bother you that much?
  • they say that a percentage(about 15) of people of northern European decent carry the gene that makes your urine smell from asparagus...strange isn't it?

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