• What is with all the Ford questions? Are you just bored? As a general rule, most automakers cut corners somewhere. If they don't, the car gets too expensive for people to buy. Ford is known for building a really sturdy body on all its models. They also, in general, build a really good transmission. They tend to cut corners on engines and electrical. GM and Chrysler tend to cut corners on bodies and transmissions and build really good engines. Their engines may go 250,000 miles before they quit, but the bodies tend to crumble long before that. Later Chryslers seem to have much better bodies. I haven't driven a Chevy in a long time. Ford, specifically tends to build very good trucks. In general, their trucks will run nearly forever. I ran a little old cheap Ranger 150,000 miles. The first 110,000 miles, it didn't need anything but oil changes, tires, spark plugs (once) and a couple of EGR valves. At 110,000 miles the argument my mechanic and I were having over whether or not the u-joints were going bad (I said they were, he said they were fine) became moot as the vibration destroyed the seals on the transmission and all the oil leaked out. Fortunately the transmission wasn't damaged. But while we had it off to replace the seals, we put a new clutch in it, a new rear main engine seal, steam cleaned, resealed and refilled the transmission, replaced the u-joints and balanced the drive shaft and put its first set of new brake pads on. I drove it another 40,000 miles and then sold it for 1500 dollars to a friend who drove it another couple of years. That has been my experience with most Ford Trucks. Ford cars are another story. They are a crap shoot. In the last 30 years, my family has had four. The Fairmont and the Tempo were nearly as good as the trucks. The '82 Escort and the '98 Windstar were about the worst cars I've ever encountered. Both had cooling system problems. Both ate engines at a remarkable rate. I don't know that I'll take that gamble again.
  • We have a 2005 Ford Explorer made in the plant in Kentucky. From what I have seen in the past 2.5 years is that the vehicle is holding up decently. Have had some issues with the automatic transmission and have had to go back a few times for repairs, mainly leaks and such. The great thing about it is that it is flex fuel and we have been running it on Ethanol. When it gets started up, it smells like a drunk is in the car with you.
  • 10 years
  • The Explorer is pretty reliable, but there are several common problems with different years. For example, the 2002-2007 models are good, except for the 2002 model year. After '02 there were common problems with the 4wd system and transmissions failing. You can research any year you want, and its reliability ratings here:

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