• No. At least not in my house.
  • No My family had that tradition we had thirteen foods on the table but could not eat meat untill after midnight i recently found out ( on answerbag) that it was a tradition not a sin.
  • The Bible says it is not what you put in your mouth that causes you to sin, but what comes out of your mouth (your words). Thus it is not sin to meat on X-mas.
  • No, thats only in Lent (if you're Catholic)
  • Heck no. Eat EatEat
  • No. To some maybe, it depends. There is no official rule book on the matter. I would doubt it, though we celebrate the birth of Jesus on Dec 25th, he was not born on that day, some evidence presented suggests he was born more around the Easter holiday, so I don't see what it matters.
  • Yeah, Norman-O asked this, you can check out my take there.
  • Perhaps it should be given the cruelty that goes on in our meat production, something even Jesus wouldn't condone. But that's ok, because who likes to think about that when meat tastes so yummy? Hmm, I should stop now before I get into any ideas that actually conflict with our comfortable lifestyles filled with quick 'n' easy, yummy, bbq-me-now, meat. mmm, oh yummy is my meat.

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