• Tarantulas crawling all over people who are tied to stakes.
  • Actually, the graphics, the blood, the gore don't scare me at all. What's really scary about horror movies is the sound. The sound effects could really make or break a horror film.
  • When I run into my house and lock the doors after driving home from the theater. Also, if I can't sleep at night.
  • One that is based on reality, in other words a movie which could really happen. Movies with flying heads and "ghost" or 50 foot tall ants don't get it. May be fun to watch, but not scary. :)
  • Thats a good question. I don't know why horror movies scare me so much. Maybe because I'm just scared that what happens on screen could happen in real life.
  • Seeing how many people are watching it..
  • I love the element of surprise... I love all scary movies though!!! The old ones are great!!!
  • AH! I freak out at movies with dead zombie little kidss like the grudge that is freakkkky
  • something that could really happen not freddy or jason types of movies but anything that has to so with posession, or satanism or cults, devil worship, serial killers or psychopaths..that's freaking scary
  • Plausibility & suspense, mostly. It's gotta make my heart pound from the suspense, make me grab the arm of the person nearest me, and make me jump outta my seat at some point too.
  • If it could really happen. The crazy guy with an ax or hillbillies looking for fun, scares me!
  • a horror movie that is perfectly scarry would have to be realistic like something scary that could happen to anyone...not zombies or vampires and stuff....i find things that could actually be anywhere and everywhere in the real world scare the crap out of me, because like being locked in somewhere at night when 10 people are trying to kill you and your friend because someone hired them to kill you in the most goriffying way possible is alot more scarier than being locked in somwhere at night having slow/fast ass zombies moaning and scratching like a cat at the door.....also if it looks like it was a normal home made video being made from someones camera and then out of nowhere creepy ass shit and murders start happenening during it...that is what i call scary...and the last thing that would make a movie actually scarry for me is to have realistic amounts of blood and killing and weapon damage to areas of the bodies....
  • Based on true events the element of suspense and the probabilty that it could actually happen
  • Sometimes just the Title does it for me. That is the reason I don't watch them, I don't like being scared.
  • The unexpected that makes you jump.
  • I'm a dude. Horror movies don't scare me. Just don't ask me to watch The Exorcist by myself. In any case, anything dealing with the super natural.
  • it has to be realistic. the grudge didn't scare me but the truman show did and i think that was supposed to be a comedy or something. white noise was another one because i do believe in ghosts
  • If it lingers with me and I think about it afterwards, like when I'm in bed and get all creeped out, then it worked. As said by Little Miss Dangerous, plausibility is a great factor, as well as an unsettling atmosphere, and that sense which is telling you that there is an explanation, but you'll never quite know what it is. Because as close to the human psyche as it can get, you'd have to be a maniac or just plain insane to understand it yourself. Being able to relate to anything in a horror film and seriously use its contents as reflection for your own psychosis and your own life is quite scary, not just BECAUSE you might relate, but because for someone to have thought this up, it means they must have got it from somewhere. For example Edward Gein may not be Thomas Hewitt, but after seeing his documentary and reading about him, there certainly is some crazy shit in this world, and sometimes I wonder if exaggerated horror films might be a means for humans to subconsciously deal with or dispel the magnitude of these happenings, with humour and so forth. And as well, the sort of horror film where years after its debut, people still offer theories and talk about it, trying to unravel it, like Eraserhead, or what exactly Michael Myers is. This can be scary too. Adding real life and plausible elements then throwing this into some deranged story really hits the mark too.
  • It has to be the delivery of the incident. Even if you know what's coming, if the presentation is tense and timing perfect, it can scare the heck out of me. It does not necessarily have to be bloody as many movies seem to rely on now days.
  • The idea that the zombies might really be coming, and my girlfriend might be a vampire... And my mom might be evil, and you might be the devil!
  • The suspense of not knowing what will happen next.. I also like creepy movies.
  • in my media lesson we watched films that used shadows to scare you.. to see a shadow follow someone in dark rooms and then kill them.. along with the music.. is quite scary, whoaaa

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