• Yes. Aside from the tooth decay and obesity problems that chocolate poses for all species, there is a serious risk here. Chocolate contains a chemical called theobromine, which acts as both a diuretic and a cardiac stimulant. It may not do much to humans, but it has a much stronger effect on dogs and cats. It will speed up their heart rate, with possibly fatal results in the case of larger amounts. Other symptoms of chocolate poisoning include diarrhea, excessive urination, muscle tremors, and vomiting. The problem is that cats and dogs like the taste of chocolate and will try to eat it-- so it's the pet owner's job to keep them away from it. If your cat accidentally had a small taste of chocolate sometime in the past and seemed to come out of it okay, it isn't the end of the world. One lick of ice cream won't hurt it, but an ounce of chocolate is definitely toxic to a 10-pound cat, and enough to cause the above symptoms. Don't ever feed chocolate to a cat! Other substances that are harmful to cats are caffeine, alcohol, avocadoes, fruit stems and seeds, baking powder, baking soda, and onions and garlic. Onions will cause diarrhea and vomiting in both cats and dogs and, if eaten in large quantities, will rupture red blood cells and cause anemia. Another fact, despite the traditional image of the kitten lapping up cream from a saucer, is that cats are lactose-intolerant. Not to scare you with all this, but better safe than sorry! Our pets don't know any of this stuff, so it's up to us to take care of them!
  • yup just like dogs it affects their kidneys liver brain and everything else like a dog
  • Yes its a poison to a cat!!Avoid it
  • Actually the most devastating chemical in chocolate is the caffeine. Devasting to all animals who do not contain a metabolism as complex as ours to break it down and handle it. So in closing do not let your pet near the stuff!!
  • Yes. It can also harm/kill dogs. The LD50 (lethal dose at 50% of tests) is still unknown. There are a number of variables. To be safe, don't let them near it. And as an aside, I understand that raw onions can also cause issues.
  • I would not recommend feeing your cats, or any kind of pet, chocolate. Chocolate is made for humans, not for pets. If you would like to treat your pet with something tasty, go to your nearest pet store and they will have a variety of treats for your animal.
  • "Another fact, despite the traditional image of the kitten lapping up cream from a saucer, is that cats are lactose-intolerant." That is completely not true. Lactose-intolerant means they cannot digest dairy products. If this were true, then the cat would die as soon as it began drinking milk form its mother. Milk concoctions you buy from the stores for kittens who have been weaned too early contain the same things, as does cows milk, and several other animals milks and dairy-like substances. Its not the lactose-intolerant part. Thats ridiculous, its more like.. Think of it this way, a lot of chocolate for a cat is bad. A lot of ice cream is bad. A lot of candy is bad, a lot of sugary stuff is bad.. so basically.. you can say that sugary/candy-ish substances for a cat are bad. Chocolate.. that chemical.. its a diuretic. As in diarrhea. As in it gives you the shits. The runs. Number 3. Whatever you want to call it. And the problem with that isn't so much that you poo a lot, but the fact that you poo out the WATER in your system. Your body will fore-go absorbing the liquid and nutrients to flush out your system (thats what the average shits is, your body trying to flush out your intestines). So having the shits will cause severe problems. You an actually die from having the shits if they're so bad. You dehydrate yourself and die. (Thats why if you get food-poisoning, and have the severe shits, you need to go to the emergency room). So just think of it that way, you don't even have to remember what it is IN chocolate that does it, just that chocolate does it. It would do the same thing to humans, but were big, 150-250 pound beings. A bar of chocolate wont do much to us because of our mass and volume. But a cat is so much smaller. A bar of chocolate could easily cause severe problems or death.
  • it can damage their theets, as yours. so don't give it to them, you, dental safety killer! give it to me uh uh uh
  • I've found they can't swim in it too well...especially if they're in the microwave when you're melting it!

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