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  • Ouch! Nope, never tried double, never will.
  • Your fist should not be able fit anywhere but on your writst
  • two fingers is considered double anal?
  • I'm not sure if I do. If it hurts NO!
  • I wouldn't want my penis that close to another guys. Or his penis that close to my wife.
  • It's something that occasionally happens in porno movies, once a porn star gets past her best and is starting to wane, but the reality is that a normal person who isn't into things like fisting would have too much pain in taking two penes inside his or her ass. It really wasn't made for even one penis, but I can understand the attraction for a sizeable percentage of people. Taking two is greedy and that always comes back on you.
  • What is a double anal????
  • To understand double anal, well, I guess it would be like wondering what it would be like to be Sabrina the teenage witch, meaning that both are in the most part only real there when watching the television show, or xxx video. Now, I'm not implying to state that in all cases it's not real, because as we all know the claims of one being a witch, and we all know an individual somewhere that will try anything at least once. But, in mainstream sexual practices, I'm sure double anal doesn’t come often in the break room conversation where Midge asks Carol, or it might be Kurt, "so what did we do this weekend," and it comes in reply, " Oh I spent it in bed with a couple cocks up my pooper!" Seriously, we all have an adventurous side, and take it as far as one wishes to, as those to whom enjoy the climax results from ones safe and proper fisting technique, or those to whom like two hot dogs in their bun, do whatever one desires to experience, just remember, always do it right, do it safely, and always with someone that you know, and care about, well in this case, just double that order! Be well, and PEACE!
  • To be quite honest and probably nastily explicit, I would wonder how incontinent that amount of stretching of the anal muscles would make a person
  • Hell no,single anal hurts to bad.
  • I have no idea what it is, but I only have one anus. Okay, now that I have read what it is, I don't see how it is physically possible because the idea is just too far out for my tiny little mind to grasp. Who invented this idea? Someone who has a proctolgoist for a relative? The answer is no.
  • I have took a dump twice in a row??
  • no, but i would gladly try!!! ;-)
  • Nope...
  • I think the whole idea is sick and demented. Why would anyone want so much pain and not any pleasure? It seems that if it were to occur then someone is hurting and taking advantage of someone else.
  • no i have not,but i have had double vaginal, with a vibrater and a penis about a week after my 2nd daughter was born. i was in pain for two weeks after.
  • no way
  • what kind of question is this????..ewwwwwwwww!!!!
  • I have had both a double vaginal and double anal experience, both with two guys. Both were lessons in pain, but once I got used to it, it felt great. Buuuut, I doubt it's something I'll ever try again... too painful. Hell, it's difficult enough finding two guys willing to do it.
  • Negative, the rectum is an outlet only, nothing goes in unless it is a Voltaren ampoule for pain relieve, dissolves in your blood system much quicker when taken anal!
  • I did with a Couple of Ladies MMMMMMMMMMM totally HOT.
  • Thomas jefferson had the best answer...Always take hold of things by the smooth handle.
  • No but I gave my girlfriend once during a threesome, DEFINETELY NEED LUBE!
  • nope. I'd try it if i could though. maybe once just to say i did. lol
  • Bad really bad; people on the porn are on muscle relaxers and drugs and are completely masochist and crazy freeks!!!
  • I have definitely been double-penetrated before, but they did not both try to put it in my ass at the same time, one was in my ass the other in my pussy. I think two in the ass would be too much and would even hurt someone who was 'practiced' at anal.
  • ..Is that even in anyway not unhealthy? and wouldnt the condoms (of the different men) break from being so close to each other?..
  • My ex girlfriend has done it. we ended up having a 3 sum MFM and I was doing her in the ass when the other guy went in her ass at the same time. it was weaird but we all enjoyed it. and no i am not gay
  • Nope, but.... You have to remember that your sphincter is just another muscle in your body, and like any other you can train... (exercise = SEX-ercise). So technically is possible, and your anus will stretch back. Does it every day after you sit... rigth? Now if you want to try it or not is just a personal preference
  • not yet--i'm still lacking the second butt hole. all you lucky guys out there with more than one...jealousy and envy, my friends. jealousy and envy...
  • I have two penises, if anyone has two buttholes
  • I am a man, and I have had my cock and a dildo in a girls ass at the same time. It took a long time to get there and it wasnt exactly pounding sex, but it was horny and dirty and I loved it at the time. I have also had my cock and a finger inside a girl at the same time -- also a slow process but incredibly horny. Not sure if that counts, but both were amazing experiences, both parties enjoyed them, but both took a while to 'achieve'. Great stuff, if dont slow and securely.
  • triple once....wouldn't reccomend
  • I have once with my husband and a toy, it wasnt that bad once we "got into the grove" even had the ability of a third in my "kitty". My husband and I have threesomes often and have even considered getting another guy in on the double anal action, but he claims the closest he's willing to get to another guys junk is DPing me.
  • That's pretty difficult. You need to find two guys with small penises.
  • I couldn't live without it. DP anal and DP vaginally are a staple of me and my husband's lives. I'd want to die if I couldn't do it anymore...
  • never 2 up my ass at one time but one in each hole a few times. oh my god it was like heaven. Don't think I could take 2 at once but I wouldn't mind them taking turns.
  • ASSuming that means two guys fucking your arsehole at the same time, then no, i wouldn't even let one guy do it, that shit can mess up your insides, i like myself without a poop bag thanks.
  • No but the doctor did say I should have a nother anal put in, he said because of all the shit that I come out with.
  • yes and unless you prepare yourself you can really do some damage. it is a great pleasure feeling one thick cock in there whilst the other guy puts more fingers in to get you ready for his personal dose of cock. it is definitely not for everyone, but different strokes for different folks
  • My wife had a buttplug and a dildo in me at the same time. Felt pretty good.
  • I enjoy regular anal, and I've been dp'd, but one cock in each hole at the same time is as far as I go.
  • I dont know what this means? I mean, how do you have a double anal. Sorry might be 50 yrs of age, but I'm a bit naive! lol. I've had anal with my husband and its great but two of them???
  • would like to try
  • Yes, and it was great!! 2 cocks in my ass at once. Worked the second in very slowly. Surprized my parter afterward by how very tight I still was.

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