• Why, Art? Are you sick? Or depressed? Please let us know.
  • Why...?
  • if you want me to... jk! whats wrong??
  • Praying for someone to die is a sin & therefore it wouldn't be answered!!
  • No. It's not how I am. I'm sorry.
  • I have been there before and its not that easy. At least you realize hurting. Most people go day by day without recognizing their pain. They may not think directly about death, suicide, but their actions prove the deep mental pain hidden inside. They are always taking unnecessary risks, overeating, not exercising, smoking, heavy drinking, sloppy driving, fighting, drugs, unsafe sex. These persons are suicidal, and deep down want death, they are silently praying for it, a slow death it is. Still straggling / struggling Still Praying / Hoping
  • Hey, whether or not there's a higher power, I don't call the shots. No being of infinite power is going off one of its puny creations just because another of its puny creations tells it to. And furthermore, I bear you no ill will to begin with and am not inclined to wish death upon you. I will listen if you need to talk about it though.
  • I like having you around here. Praying for you to die would be a terrible thing to approach God with. I would rather pray for God to help comfort you from you pain and sadness.
  • I can if you want, but I can also pray that it won't rain today, or that this pimple on my butt would go away. There's no proof that prayer does anything, so whether I do pray for it or not, you'll never know if it had any effect.
  • No. I can't pray for that. I don't pray! I figure that if there is a God, things are going the way he intends it to be and my telling him that I want things to be different is kind of stupid. Believing this, there is obviously a reason for you to be here. You may be providing lessons for others, opening minds to levels of emotion and thought that they might never encounter otherwise. I have hurt before. I used to cry each morning when I woke up and had to face another day. I wasn't allowed to die despite how badly I felt the need to escape this pain pit called life. Eventually I found myself hurting less and even laughing a little. Now I am happy to be alive, but I can never forget how it feels to crave oblivion. And my heart hurts for you. Please look for some professional help. There is a reason for you to be alive. You may as well try to ease the pain since you can't leave yet!
  • I would be too afraid to pray for some else to die but I to, wish I would pass in my sleep. Even though we may be here for a bigger purpose or a purpose that we do not know. I feel that in itself, can be unfair. Unfair because I would like to live my life the way I want to, whether it's a certain goal or just a certain way of life. If I can't live the way I want to, being it's my life....what's the point. Not living the life I want seems like it's worst than death even though I'm really afraid of death. It's not God's fault even though it's a rxn to turn to GOD since he has all the power and shift blame....It's my fault. It's my fault for struggling for a long time just to succeed. I'm tired of struggling to succeed, why can't I succeed like I struggle. It seems lately life has been nothing but failure(10yrs+). I know everyone fails but I think I've reached my limit esp. when those around me succeed mostly even though they have no belief in which I start to believe what's the point about anything...good or bad. I mean it doesn't matter if your a good or bad person crap happens. If I have to spend the rest of my life failing just to succeed, I'd rather not. It was worth it in the beginning but now, I'm just tired. I feel as though I'm a walking corpse or dart board!!!I to will pray for my departure but in doing so I'm afraid but living in failure seems like more torture. I feel as though I'm going to live the rest of my life not being me but being lifeless. Being depressed is not fun, it's a viscous cycle yet I'm powerless....and for the record if this is some kind of test....I'm tired of being tested!!
  • Wow I have never considered praying to die, but I have wished it! I have Muscular Dystrophy, Oral Cancer, and I am Diabetic, age 52 and single. Can't walk, talk, or have sex. But I can wish, and I wish a lot.
  • I can't do that--but I can pray that your prayers, whatever they are, are answered.
  • k. done.
  • NO. It would do any good nayway.
  • I hope you didn't kill yourself. I like having you around AOD.
  • Well no..Not a praying type of person but if I were..I wouldn't pray for your death..I would be more likely to pray that whatever it is that makes you wish to die would be taken away from your life :)
  • that prayer didn't work on me why would it work on you? LOLLL just smoke yourself to death, newports! LOL
  • No, I never wish bad thoughts on people. Do what you want, but I will not wish you luck.
  • I can not. But I will pray for peace. I have seen enough death in the last few years and I have seen bravery to rival all the stories and comic books I grew up on. I have caried dead friends and wished for the death of my enemies that I was trying to was working on saving. If you wish to end your pain and life do it in a way that helps some body. I dont see you as a coward for not wanting to take your own life. I see you at a time of weakness. I have been there. I will not pry in to your life. But I will challenge you to find a way to get out of your shell and help some body avoid the mistakes you have made or the suffering you have had to go through. I do not like humanity as a whole but I will never seek to destroy it in any way unless it is to preserve another life. Call me messed up if you will. But this is me and I fight for your right to live free. All I ask is you dont waste my sacrifice or the sacrifice of my friends I have said fairwell to.
  • Its been a month since you asked this question? are you still alive? I could pray for you. I would need to know your name and your zip code. my psychic power needs something to focus on. BTW, my prayers are not guarranteed to work. no refunds.
  • I can't , I don't pray.
  • I have the same desire. I will do it for you since I know how you feel. Can you do it for me to please?
  • To be honest, I pray every night wishing for death, hoping it will come. Right now I rest my head down on my pellow and pray to god to take me away. Life isn't worth living for anymore. my father told me killing yourselve is the easy way out but for me its the only and right way out.
  • art we are one twisted soul. and i am you. also nothing. and a huge failure. i hope you can imagine the light you want. all your family and friends you will see at the end. i feel you have been fighting a long time and now you need to give up. even though life is like a stage. it is no easy thing to accomplish to change your mind of being from alive to not alive. people do not realise how difficult it is. much much planning is needed. and the thinking of it is constant , making up your mind then changing your mind. nothing lasts forever and lets say in 50 years your paint will not be here. and your soul will be free, dont worry you will still be around and feel joy and be able to play with your friends and family like you always wanted. i know you feel nothing , but i feel nothing also. i know that no one responds to you the way you want them to. nothing is ever enough. nothing is ever content. the broken, damaged mind is destroying your heart and soul. so then we will look to the final frontier as our goal - death. the world is no longer enough. cohesion, waking up no longer matters. i would gladly take the last few steps with you . because i believe there is a right way to die too. in peace and harmony, with love and care. in a clean beautiful place. in a quick, accurate painless way. all my love renu xxx
  • Art, you are not alone. Call the National Suicide Prevention Hotline in the US 1-800-273-8255 The only reason why you feel the way you do is your mind is not well. life really is good, for many many people. and it can be good for you as well. Call the number, it's important. good luck

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