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  • I like emotional girls. It is proof they are capable of sincere feeling, which is paramount in any relationship. Guys that don't like emotional girls are probably not comfortable with their own emotions.
  • I think they don't like emotional girls because they don't know how to react for example; if a girl started crying on their shoulder, they would be dumb struck. I suppose it depends on the guy though some guys have more emotions than us girls these days lol
  • We learn. If someone gets upset for a good reason, then fair enough. But if they get upset at any old thing then it all gets very tiring. We care, we want to take away the grief. But if it is impossible to take away the grief then we have a choice: spent the rest of our lives constantly upset over minor problems, or stop caring about the emotional one's feelings. If you want people to care about your feelings, then only get upset over stuff that really matters.
  • Not All men,I like Girls if they are emotional.Its how you handle the.Its The inbuilt technique to deal with their emotions and if you dislike them because they are emotional then you lack some portion of manhood.
  • Sometimes it's better when they're crying.
  • Because they dont know how to deal with them.. they dont express they're feelings like that so they dont know what to do.. what most guys dont know is that its just the girl trying to get it out and all they would really have to do is hug them and give them that shoulder to cry on.. they always tend to come up with answers... thats not what we want tho.. we dont want u to try and fix the problem we just want u to listen!
  • This Questions is not completely true!In fact emotional girls are more honest and they stick to their partners in difficult est situations!
  • It is not always like that , but sometimes girls do cross thier limit and they always want that a guy should always be with them in there problems but when there turn comes they slide away .

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