• Whenever I type tyre, I get criticized for it. Whenever I write tire, I get criticised for it. My organisation prefers "tyres". My old organization prefered "tires". (If you don't get what I'm hinting at, the British and the Americans spell things differently.)
  • In my opinion the correct spelling is Tyre in its Brittish sense, firstly because I come from Australia and we adhere to the English Dictionary. Therefore since America is still by law a Brittish Colony it is spelt Tyre. Britain is Mother to all of the Western world. For information on USA true deeds and titles!
  • Depends where youre from. In the Empire, its spelled tyre. Everywhere else, its tire. They do the same thing with a pottery shard, the Americans call it a sherd (in archeology).
  • It's all very tiring.
  • The original British spelling was tyre, but it is now spelled tire in both the U.S. and Canada. I think once Canada left the British empire they came to their senses. :)
  • Well i learned something new after reading other peoples answers but i would say tire but i also come from an english background.
  • You mean they forgot how to spell. Tire means to get tired as in a race,or exercising not a rubber ring on a car wheel
  • According to Merriam-Webster: Tyre- chiefly British variant of TIRE
  • I'm not sure because I'm not an English-as-a-natural-language-speaker, but I really think it is "tyre".
  • Tyre is a city in Lebanon pronounced (tiiree). Tire is attached to a wheel.

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