• Friction is vital when traversing a slope, without it you could only traverse horizontal planes. Wind resistance/water resistance slows us down.
  • Friction is advantageous for some things to work, such as a car's breaking system, for people to be able to walk, or for a pencil to write on paper. Friction is disadvantageous when you want efficiency to be at it's highest or heat to be kept at a minimum, such as in a car's motor or in a the bearing of a pulley.
  • Friction is advantageous when you want things to resist movement. Others have given some good examples. Let me give you some more. Just about any type of fastener takes advantage of friction. Without friction nails, screws, bolts, those plastic things they put on some bread sacks and many other things would not work. On the other hand, friction is a disadvantage when you want things to be able to move freely. Examples would include the movement of water or air through a conduit or just about any place you have moving parts in a machine.

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