• Just as much as drinking alcohol!
  • I don't approve of it...however I don't think that it is a "sin" is rather looked down upon in our society...
  • No more so than anything else that is considered a sin...cigarettes, alcohol, gambling, etc.
  • Absolutely not, show me where it says that in the bible.
  • Yes. Not because it is mind-altering, but because the body is a temple, and smoking anything hurts the temple.
  • I'm actually an agnostic, but I know alot more about the bible than most people would think. Matthew 22:21 Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar's. If you're breaking the law it's technically a sin.
  • I dont care if it is a sin... people have been drinking alcohol for years and it is not agents the law. How many storries have you heard about people getting killed eather diectly or indirectly from alcohol??? NOW I want you to tell me a story about someone being killed from weed???
  • no. if you think about it god made earth right .so he did it because it is a plant.i think he made it for a reason because what i heard people with cancer can smoke it for thepain or what ever and in some states its legal to have as a prescrition
  • No but you shouldn't do it anyway bad for your health you'll regret it later in your life
  • Since you mention the word 'sin', which is a Judeo-Christian word, I'll approach it from that angle. Smoking marijuana on its own is nothing - just another activity, another consumption. The bible doesn't mention marijuana. However, if you're looking to define it in regards to sin, you'd need to look up what is classed as a sin. Here are some things to consider: * The bible says it's a sin to destroy your body. What health effects does hash have on the body? * The bible says it's a sin (and a disgrace) as a Christian to allow ourselves to become drunkards. We are commanded to keep ourselves of sound mind and above reproach. How does marijuana fit in here, with its mind-altering properties? * The bible commands us to submit ourselves to the rulers of the land, and obey the law - so that we may glorify God. In many places marijuana is illegal, so what do we do there? * The bible tells us to seek God for our needs and wants. What is the purpose of smoking marijuana? For purely recreational use and enjoyment, I'd have a hard time arguing one way or the other, but when it becomes an addiction or a device to relieve a situation/feeling, then maybe we have a problem. With my beliefs and where I live, to smoke marijuana would be a sin for me. As for anybody else...
  • its a plant, so god made it. So no.
  • Some religious scets use it as their eucharist. Furthermore, it was made by god, not man. So it can't be sinful

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