• Parked it in the driveway and threw a For Sale sign on it.
  • I didnt it is in my back yard!!! anyone want a 95 4 runner????
  • I sold it to my daughter's friend who needed a reliable, inexpensive car.
  • I sold it to my cousins friend.He called me he was like hey u still wanna sell ur car ,i was like yeah.the guy came by the next day,and paid me and took the car off my hands.
  • Photo ads where they come out and take your cars photo.
  • Actually, I've used my last two cars as trade-ins. I've never flat out sold one.
  • I didn't sell it. I scrapped it over ten years ago. Yes your right. I haven't had a car since then.
  • gave it to a used car dealer.
  • As a trade-in.
  • I traded in an 88 Crysler Lebaron for a 99 Mercury Sable.
  • I posted it on a free car classifieds site on my current location im in brisbane queensland and the most popular way to sell car here is through car advertisement in some car classifieds sites like
  • The last car I got rid of was actually two cars at once. My 84 Pontiac Fiero, and the 85 Fiero I bought as a parts car. Due to a combination over a few years of either not having time to work on the car, or having time, but no money for parts, the two turned into really big lawn ornaments. Nice little sports cars with a top speed of zero. I was able to find a junkyard to take them off my hands for free. The car I owned before the 84 Fiero was my first car, an 83 Chevy Cavalier I bought from my uncle. (lesson learned, never buy a car from family) When I bought the Fiero, I tried to sell the Cavalier using The Nickel, a free classified in the area. (free to read, they charged a very small fee for listings.) I got a few calls about the car, mostly wondering why I was only asking $600 for it. I had no takers, so I gave it to my brother, and he had it for a few months and killed it.
  • I traded it against my new one : )
  • =)
  • I sold it to my mechanic and he sold it to one of his employees
  • I own Mercedes Benz earlier. Later I thought to buy a new Vista Aura Safire and I was looking to sell my old one in good price. At that time I got an idea from my buddy to visit . I frankly say its superb to sell of old car and I got good money.
  • I did not sell it, I gave it to my daughter!
  • My daughter was looking for a car like mine because she liked it, and I knew she didn't have too much money; so I sold mine to her for the amount she had for a down payment so she would have a decent car without having a monthly payment.
  • i sold it through best and reliable car dealers.
  • Washed it, took a bunch of pictures (20+) during the "golden hour" and posted it on Craigslist with all pertinent info, fended off the lowballers (can't lowball a lowballer) and then sold it to a high school kid named Mike who showed up with two of his friends also named Mike.
  • I went to CarMax........back in 2007 before all the bad stuff about them was happening.......I got a DREAM of a car and have it to this day; a 2003 Ford Escort.......had only 34K miles when I got it in 2007!! I take it to the dealer for maintenance.......yes, it may cost a little more, but with a car that old I am always assured of great parts, work, etc. as it's all done by Ford mechanics!!!!
  • I traded it in for my new car.
  • My last two cars were part-exchanged for their replacements.
  • I traded it in for my new car.

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