• Defrag your computer, delete your history in privacy setting, delete unused programs and files, delete pictures or programs that take up too much space. If your antivirus software comes on automatically when you sign in, you might want to change the settings to manual.
  • How old is your computer and what operating system are you running?
  • SinisterCadre gave you good advice. Also be sure to clean out your internet cache - If you're using Internet Explorer, you can go to "Tools" and then depending on the version of windows, you can find the areas to delete internet files, cookies, and browsing history. If you're on the internet a lot, you should clear these out daily.
  • Well, Windows XP is constantly being patched and updated which means you're adding new processes and sub-routines into the OS on a regular basis. If your computer is old enough then it is likely that your processor and RAM are insufficient for the OS. If you look under Start Menu > Control panels > System & Performance > System It will give you your hardware specs down at the bottom. If your RAM is less than a Gig, you'll probably have some run-time issues with XP. Also, as others have said, check on your disk fragmentation status and run a spyware/malware scan. I would suggest Avast!.
  • Lots of people have given some great advice. The only thing I have to add is that “upgrading” to Windows Vista will *not* help your speed issues, so please don’t even consider it.
  • Well if you have a healthy operating system and no viruses and other harmful stuff then you could try CCleaner and Window Washer, both FREE and both come in handy ALL THE TIME to free up certain space and unwanted and unneeded files (windows temp, recycle bin, browser history (IE & FF) etc...) I use a version of XP with these proggies and they work perfect and make my PC run fast! You could also try defragmenting your PC (compacts most of the files on your PC closer together) If push comes to shove, backup your data and reformat (delete everything on PC and install fresh operating system)
  • taking a sledgehammer to it has done wonders for mine :)
  • Free up memory or even add some and stop all unnecessary background services. If this does not add speed you need a new processor.
  • G'day Jessicaalbafan, Thank you for your question. This article has some useful suggestions. The other alternative is to buy a new computer. You can get them for a very good price at the moment. Regards
  • If you have Norton or McAfee, uninstall them. You don't want Weather Bug either. Go with AVG AntiVirus or Avira. Can you put more RAM in your computer? How full is the hard drive? Also, try CTRL+ALT+DELETE and see if any tasks are taking up too much memory.

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