• Sure, but remember that grades are not the only thing that matter when applying to top tier universities anymore. If there is a student just like you, with your grades only, what makes you different from him/her? That is what will get you into the university, being diverse and well-rounded.
  • Like any other University. Brown looks for a well-rounded person. If you got a strong athletic, community, or any extra-curriculum activities, then your chances will be high. But always follow what you want, not what is apparent, like trying to get into a school because it ranks high, or is prestigious because of the name. I have known too many kids like you who somehow faltered... But anyways, yes, if it is so :) I will stop now ;)
  • AB Staff: Please flag this answer as "Nonsense". Thanks! Very Truly Yours, Ron Beue
  • What else do you have? Ivies like Brown require a lot more than high GPAs (especially since most high schools inflate grades these days) and "above average" SATs. What have you done that is spectacular? What sets you apart from the other 20,000 well qualified students who will likely apply there? Your chances are less than 13.5% and even if you were first in your class and had HIGH SATs, your chances would be no more than 35%. References:
  • Depends on many factors. You have to look at minority status also.
  • i dont see why not

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