• A train wreck.
  • Robbed
  • Mugged Raped Killed Plane crash Car accident Swindled I could go on for days......
  • Running out of gas,and realizing thier wallet was stollen when they finally get someone to take them to gas station,finally getting some money wired when realizing they have 2 flat tires,and they finally get more money wired when realizing thier vehicle disappeared,it has been stolen,the store they stopped at was jus robbed and thier vehicle was a getaway car.gotta suck!
  • Death To just show a few... Then there's shark attacks, lion attacks, bear attacks...
  • destination not reached on time vs ever :(
  • Flat tire, plane crash, run out of gas, get lost in some town that is all mutant people from some secret government radiation in the desert, get framed for trying to take drugs to another country, get mugged by some lady pretending to be pregnant and stranded on the side of the road but little do you know she has a gun and a man hiding in her car, lose your luggage, lose a kid, get some virus from the water or food poisoning, lose your passport and get stranded in a foreign country, run out of money, get diarrhea, get a speeding ticket, bed bugs from hotel sheets, swooned by a time-share seller.
  • engine blew up flat tire transmission problems any kind of accident airport loses luggage car catches fire airport cancels flight with no more scheduled flights airplane crashes you need to use the bathroom: there are no bathrooms or when you find one, it's out of order you are lost in the middle of nowhere (where's a cop when you need one) run out of gas
  • Anything that can happen in home (accident, sickness, losing something, etc) or at work (crisis, emergency, and things not working right, dealing with different people), or anything that can happen in public (crime, accident, crowds, etc)--can happen to a traveller.

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