• No. My father died of lung cancer. I hate cigarettes and other forms of smoking.
    • mushroom
      My father smoked, but gave it up in mid life. He died of heart disease. My mother died of lung cancer several years later. She never smoked, nor have I.
  • I smoked once about 2-3 years ago. Only a couple of puffs and that too out of peer pressure.
  • No, never have and never will. I like my lungs as they are.
  • I used to smoke, and used to be an alcoholic. I quit them both on the same day and never looked back.
  • I smoked a few times in the past to see what's really the big deal about smoking. I wondered what's so great about it. Nothing, really (just my opinion). So no, I really don't smoke.
  • Nope, never.
  • I smoke. I smoked for 9 years, then quit as soon as I found out I was pregnant, then took it up after 1 year of breast feeding my son. I am such a fool for doing it. I am in my 30s.
  • I am 29. I smoked tobacco once before I was 7 and once again when I was 10.
  • Nope. Never have, never will. My parents both smoked, when I was little, but my dad quit cold turkey in 1985 (he bet a work colleague $50: whoever smokes first loses; they’re still waiting) and I haven’t seen my mom smoke since 1994. (My father has sworn me to a “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy with her, so I assume she still does so occasionally, but certainly not to my knowledge. My grandmother, however, smokes like a freight train. My parents buy at least a dozen cartons every time they visit me in Indiana because they’re so much cheaper here. She’s 84 and quite frail, but she won’t give up her one genuine vice.
  • Yes, I smoke... Marlboro lights...1 pack a day, since I was 16. Yes, I know the risk. Yes I'd like to quit at some point. But, for some reason the more people pressure me to quit, the more I want to smoke. I have to do it in my own time. I do try however to be a courteous smoker and not do it around other people and try and make sure not to wreak of the stench. It's just not polite to poison people with your vice.
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      Funny thing about emphysema - it sneaks up on you. By the time you start showing symptoms, it's too late to do anything about it. That's what happened to me - I started noticing that I would be short of breath sometimes, breathing a little heavily after only a little walking. I didn't pay attention to it because it came and went - being dehydrated will cause the same symptoms. Then came my annual physical and the doctor told me: "You have emphysema - it's a progressive disease with no cure." I count the days now, trying to educate anyone who will listen and learn from my mistakes.
  • Now how mant people know that if you smoke 1 cig. it takes 10 years for your lungs to get back to as good as they can be, which still isnt full health.
  • Yep, I smoke a good cigar about once every two weeks, and have been doing so for about a year. I am 21 now.
  • I'm 16, smoke weed. I started when I was 14
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      Something to be proud of, isn't it?
  • I smoked for 30 years until diagnosed with emphysema. A close friend died from lung cancer. Life isn't the same as before and there are no do-overs.
  • I am nearly 75. I smoked off and on since i was 13 or 14. I smoked cigarettes, joints, pipes, bongs and hookahs. I don't smoke anything now. I had my last cigarette after T-day dinner in '09. I quit smoking weed a long time before that.

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