• No. My father died of lung cancer. I hate cigarettes and other forms of smoking.
  • I smoked once about 2-3 years ago. Only a couple of puffs and that too out of peer pressure.
  • No, never have and never will. I like my lungs as they are.
  • I used to smoke, and used to be an alcoholic. I quit them both on the same day and never looked back.
  • I smoked a few times in the past to see what's really the big deal about smoking. I wondered what's so great about it. Nothing, really (just my opinion). So no, I really don't smoke.
  • Nope, never.
  • I smoke. I smoked for 9 years, then quit as soon as I found out I was pregnant, then took it up after 1 year of breast feeding my son. I am such a fool for doing it. I am in my 30s.
  • I am 29. I smoked tobacco once before I was 7 and once again when I was 10.
  • Nope. Never have, never will. My parents both smoked, when I was little, but my dad quit cold turkey in 1985 (he bet a work colleague $50: whoever smokes first loses; they’re still waiting) and I haven’t seen my mom smoke since 1994. (My father has sworn me to a “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy with her, so I assume she still does so occasionally, but certainly not to my knowledge. My grandmother, however, smokes like a freight train. My parents buy at least a dozen cartons every time they visit me in Indiana because they’re so much cheaper here. She’s 84 and quite frail, but she won’t give up her one genuine vice.
  • Yes, I smoke... Marlboro lights...1 pack a day, since I was 16. Yes, I know the risk. Yes I'd like to quit at some point. But, for some reason the more people pressure me to quit, the more I want to smoke. I have to do it in my own time. I do try however to be a courteous smoker and not do it around other people and try and make sure not to wreak of the stench. It's just not polite to poison people with your vice.
  • Now how mant people know that if you smoke 1 cig. it takes 10 years for your lungs to get back to as good as they can be, which still isnt full health.
  • Yep, I smoke a good cigar about once every two weeks, and have been doing so for about a year. I am 21 now.

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