• Yes; don't mean to be particular about it and people think it's online so it doesn't matter, but yes sometimes it annoys me. Especially the common words.
  • I don’t know if it bothers me, but I do try to correct spelling and grammar before posting on a forum. Instant messaging is a bit different; I do ignore capitalization rules and blow off a lot of punctuation.
  • There are some people on AB that it annoys. There are times that you can't be sure what they mean exactly!
  • thank god we are only 25th in the world for education, or i might think its my fault i cant spell!!!!
  • It doesn't annoy me. Not everyone has the same abilities, but it doesn't make them any lesser person than me in any other way.
  • Personally I'm not annoyed. But some people are annoyed. Well, different strokes for different folks.
  • Yes, terribly...especially the misuse of your and you're as well as their, they're and there.
  • It's not so much misspellings; it's more when people use the wrong word for things. One which still drives me mad because it is so ubiquitous, is 'click' used instead of the correct 'clique', which even sounds different. But more often it happens because people choose the fancier word over the plain one, not realising they mean something different. Some examples:- Discrete instead of discreet Crescendo instead of climax Simplistic instead of simple
  • Why should it annoy! it happens to us all doesnt it! Oh,how it would be to be perfect!
  • Not on its own. But when combined with a air of superiority, hell yes! Like a person trying to brag about how BRILLIANT they are. They're just sending a red flag that screams, "I may be fairly knowledgeable, but not enough to know when I've made a mistake."
  • some people do get annoyed by this. i only do when someone has totally misspelled the whole Q on purpose to be funny.
  • I know some people in my own family, with college degrees can't spell. So, it never bothers me. I know I misspell enough myself.
  • At least one person.
  • I fined the hole speeling thing a pane. How diphikult is it to luke it up in a dikshunarie. Korrekt speeling and grandma is imporrtant, otherwize peeple think ewe are stoopid.
  • No because I misspell every thing, I'm a phonetic speller.
  • No, I teach school. This is for fun.....who cares?
  • Depending on the amount of misspelling, I would just notice it or be annoyed. If there is so much misspelling that I have difficulty to understand the question, I could just ignore the question. As for the other Answerbaggers, I am quite certain that some questions with bad spelling got down rated just because of this (but I don't down rate myself).
  • Annoys many but not mee.
  • No, it doesn't annoy me if somebody's misspelled a word, because it happens to all of us. I've written many words that I KNOW how to spell, but somehow it just doesn't look right, so I mess around with it to correct it, and can end up getting it wrong. It does, however, annoy me when people type "lyk dis", or miss many words out in a sentence, because it's difficult to understand what they're saying.
  • Not as a mistake. Text speak however is unacceptable.
  • No, I've done it & I try to be understanding when it happens.
  • Some of it may be due to different spelling in different countries, so what may look wrong to you may be just how it is spelt in that country. I only found out yesterday for instance that foetus has a different spelling elsewhere. Also, and this might just be me, I find that sometimes I hit the keys but the letters don't go in the box on this site, (I don't have this problem normally on my computer), and I post before I realise, so words I can spell end up spelt wrong on the site. I'm usually too lazy to correct it, and assume people will get what I mean.
  • Consistently misspelling words does annoy the majority of the people it seems. But what they dislike most may be the text abbreviations.
  • A spelling error here and there doesn't annoy me. Text speak or anything that is difficult to read does annoy me a little though.

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