• i am rolf... if there is a way to have your cake and eat it too then that is it *.*
  • How do you tell them to stop when you've reached your desired weight?!?! YIKES!
  • They used to be. Back when horse racing was HUGE, the jockey would sometimes resort to ingesting a tapeworm to remain light weight to have increased speed on the horse.
  • This probably wouldn't be the safest way of losing weight, as they not only prevent you from gaining weight, but they also prevent you from getting the nutrients you need from your food. In my opinion, this would only be one step above starving yourself or forcing yourself to throw up after a meal. Also, with the body in a weakened state, it may not be safe to consume the poisons that are used to eliminate them once the job was done.
  • Here goes my non-scientific answer. First 'cause it's gross. Then a tapeworm will make one malnourished (because you wont be able to absorb enough minerals/vitamins that everyone needs (not to mention calories to get through your day and perform everyday activities). But worse, it usually make's the person's belly quite rounded and large. IDK why, I just know that your limbs may look thin but you get a protruding belly. Not very nice... even for those of us obsessed with thinnes or eating.
  • Not many people would enjoy any type of worm in their diet.
  • Eeeewwww, I can't imagine something living in my innards! For any reason.
  • Yikes, horrible thought, shudder shudder.
  • They used to be. ... I read waaaay too much of this site.
  • other than being strait up nasty??
  • I suppose they could be. It would only take one. Do they reproduce? I know they grow in segments. I definitely would not resort to that type of diet. Living things inside on you that can come out your butt. gross.
  • They are and the name is Spaghetti - I think!

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