• Gluteoplasty.
  • probably none if thats the way god rnade you
    • Roaring
      Must be an age thing
  • Eating is all I can come up with. Yep, in no time at all you can go from flatass to fatass. xD
    • Linda Joy
      Don't forget the couch potato part!
    • Roaring
      Seems like the belly gets bigger with more eating,(another reason those pants and shorts slip down so easily.
    • Linda Joy
      Maybe that's why old men sometimes pull the pants up over the bellly. Have you considered suspenders? I don't normally find suspenders attractive, but James Spann can make them sexy!
    • Wakko
      Maybe fat old women think they're sexy in shit 2 sizes too small. xD
  • Have you tried Buns of Steel? I've never actually used this video but they were very popular back in the day. We used to do flutterkicks in boot camp. Surely you have some glute specific exercises in Yoga. What are they?

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