• It is not really necessary to have an air pump in a Betta tank because the fish have a special lung to reserve air called a labyrinth. You might need air pump to crculate the water and keep it fresh,and it will also distribute the temperature to all the tank and not just n one place.
  • Beta fish like small little bowls I thought, not enough room for a pump.
  • Bettas are able to live in extremely poor conditions. As direct evidence of this, look at all the pet-shops that sell them to uneducated people who keep them in tiny containers. No, they don't "need" an air pump - as I said, they are able to live in very poor conditions. It does help circulate the heat from your heater. Most don't keep their Bettas in warm enough water. They prefer 78 to 82 degree water. It's good to hear you have a tank, not a bowl! Intelligent choice, and you will over double his life! Change 25% of the water once a week (dechlorinate it), and he may live to seven years. Put him in a bowl, and maybe two or three years (according to scientific studies).

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