• If the new controller also doesn't work that leads me to believe that the conrol port on the actual PS2 is faulty, i.e. the controller itself works fine but the signals that correspond to the left side are not being transmitted from the control port to the processor. If you have a warranty that should cover it for repair or replacement. Other than that I think you should look in local ads for people who repair PS2 (often advertise in newspapers) or contact Sony themselves for advice.
  • I would try buy a can of Dust-Off (or other electronics cleaning spray), spray the controller ports, as well as any openings. Be careful to keep the can level, and don't shake it.
  • This brings to mind a problem I had with my PSone, do you have an official Sony memory card in the PS2 or are you using a third party memory card? When I had this happen with my controller it ended up that the memory card I had bought was causing the controller to malfunction. When I placed a different memory card into the slot, the controller worked just fine. Needless to say, I returned the memory card and purchased an official one. Now not every third party memory card will have that effect. A third party controller can do the same thing, it can effect the other controller and so forth. You may want to try and mix and match and see if it behaves the same way in all instances. Be aware that your warranty specifically mentions that inserting either a memory card or controller that is not licensed by SONY will void your warranty. So if you get them on the phone, do not mention that you are using a non-Sony card or controller.

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