• When in love with one, it goes deeper than that.
  • Should we feel sorry for people who who hit themselves on their thumbs with hammers? Yes!
  • No, it is their personal choice =|
  • Cigarette smoking is bad for health and they all know about it so I would not feel sorry for the smokers who develop lung cancer. They should pay for the cure through their nose for that. Pollution and creating trouble for others.
  • Everyone wants to blame cigarettes, mainly the government, for causing lung cancer. Driving on the highways is probably more hazardous. That dust that you get on the dash of your car is probably 50% asbestos from brake shoes which definately causes lung cancer. You are breathing that while you are driving.
  • No they chose to do so.They are aware of the consequences
  • Their decision to put their life in further danger.
  • Guess not. It's their problem, nor would I ever ask anyone to feel sorry for me for that. But if it ever happens and someone comes up to me to go, I told you so, Imma cough in their direction, spitting lung pieces and blood all over them. :) Don't feel sorry for me, but don't rub it in my face, either.
  • I feel sorry for ANYBODY who gets ANY kind of cancer. To see yourself wasting away, losing the strength to even go to the bathroom without needing someone to wipe your butt.....those things are demoralizing. ANd very, very scary.
  • yes...cough cough.. since i lost my left lung, ive had to cut my smoking in half
  • we should develop compassion for all kinds of suffering, regardless of the cause. That is love.
  • They have a test now where they can differentiate cancer caused by smoking or other factors! The doctor in Mass. is the insurance companies hero!
  • I would. It's a horrible way to die.
  • Most of the people dying of lung cancer today started smoking when all the dangers were unknown. Cigarettes are one of the most addicting drugs known, they are readily available and perfectly legal. Any kind of wasting illness is horrible and I can't help but feel compassion for those who suffer. Regardless whether they knew the consequences or not, no one DESERVES that fate. Anyone who has a cavalier attitude..Oh well, you did it to yourself...I told you should have known better..etc., to the pain and suffering of another human being is someone who is heartless, cold, and should remember that "what comes around, goes around" and may very well get the same thing, but for different reasons.
  • sure they are addicts just like the rest of us
  • No. Their addiction was by choice after they were told the risks. I was told at a very early age smoking is bad for my health. I listened.
  • Yes, you should empathize with those that are less fortunate than you. Cancer is no laughing matter. Sure they did it to themselves but on the other end of the spectrum, they are going to die as a result. They are going to leave behind family and friends and will end up hooked to a machine because they can barely breathe. I watched a couple of my family members die from cancer and it's enough to make you want to quit smoking immediately.
  • I feel sympathy for anyone who gets Cancer, whether they have some responsibility in it or not.
  • Of course we should. Yes, people who smoke make that choice, but it is their choice not anyone else's. What if it was someone in your family? Your Mom or a sibling? Are you going to stop feeling for them?

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