• No, the US educational system is deliberately geared to making the largest number of people literate. Most educators in the public sector will tell you straight out that they are not mandated, nor required to provide the best education.
  • No. Children in many other countries get a much better education.
  • No, for the national education level is quite substandard. The system is known for "money will fix everything" and denial, not to mention vanity. Consider the last time schools were mentioned, and you will realize that where violence, drugs, and sex are rampant, education is suffering.
  • No. Children in many other countries are required to learn at least two languages in school. Here, you take French or Spanish in high school and pass requirements. The brain is stimulated differently when you learn language. I admire the discipline of challenging children to use as much of their brains as possible.
  • The American system is not much different to the UK system . There are of course good schools but the average school has worked on dumbing down exams to get better pass results . Now the Universities are reintroducing entrance examinations because the students cannot even produce an essay that is written in correct English. Spelling and Grammar are non existent. Classes can only work as fast as the slowest child. The exam pass rate is soaring but it would when 60% of the marks come from the teacher of the course. Most countries have a better system

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